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DoD Contractors

Whether you're rebuilding critical infrastructure or helping build a safer, more secure government, you need the comfort of knowing you and your family's futures are secure.

Choose from our variety of insurance, banking and investment tools to put your plan into action.

Life Insurance

AFBA offers life insurance products underwritten by 5Star Life Insurance Company that meet the needs of you and your family. AFBA offers access to both group term products for DoD employer companies and individual products for DoD personnel. Both products feature the same level of protection and no combat or terrorism exclusions.

Our individual policies move with you whenever and wherever you're required to go.

We provide you with the same level of protection and ease of processing claims that we offer to our U.S. Military customers. And our life coverage carries no combat, terrorism, area or occupational clauses, meaning you can do your job in any situation and under any stress knowing that you and your family are completely covered.