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TRICARE Supplement Plan: Meeting the Healthcare Needs of the Military Community

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Active duty families and retired members of the military community now have access to a TRICARE supplement plan, made available to AFBA members through SelmanCo, that can help eliminate their out-of-pocket expenses while affording worldwide health care.

Satisfied Tricare Supplement Plan Participants

When you sign up for this supplement, we want you to know that over 100,000 military families have been enrolled in this TRICARE supplement program.

"The TRICARE Supplement Plan has been great for my family. We have been using it for several years. It can be great for you too!"
AFBA Member General Downer, US Army (Ret.)

Who is Eligible?


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 The CHAMPVA and TRICARE Supplement Plans are currently unavailable in CO, ME, NH, UT, and WA.