Civilian contractors approached to guard Marine base


Although troops will continue to leave Afghanistan in the coming months, the need for security at the Marine Corps' largest base, Camp Leatherneck, is still very real. As a result, commanders may turn to civilian contractors to guard the area, Military Times reports.

Security at the 1,500-acre base is currently provided by coalition forces. However, as the number of soldiers decreases, their presence outside the base will diminish as well. Military officials say that they will need at least 166 contractors present at all times to complete the job.

"As we prepare for fewer Marine boots on the ground, the requirement to maintain a certain level of security aboard Camp Leatherneck must be maintained," Player said. "That’s where contractor support will provide Camp Leatherneck security where Marines have in the past."

If everything goes according to plan, all U.S. troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2014. According to The Associated Press, there are currently about 91,000 soldiers in the country, which is down from the peak level of about 101,000 earlier this year.