Military Life

The Army aims to leverage soldiers' abilities to play video game environments to


New video game to shape the Army's future force

When mixed with the prototyping options available for new gear, these training capabilities offered by Operation Overmatch should serve to further strengthen our military. read more »

The SCRA helps servicemembers with their financial obligations when they're deployed.


Know your rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Congress designed the SCRA to ensure that active duty servicemembers can focus their attention on serving their country without worrying about certain financial or legal obligations. read more »

The army has a long, proud history with Independence Day.


Celebrating our Armed Forces this Independence Day

With Independence Day upon us, Americans are hosting patriotic parades, parties and fireworks displays across the country to celebrate our nation's founding and thank our veterans for fighting for our freedom. read more »

With Hurlburt Field now accommodating Space-A Travel, it opens the door for move travel opportunities for active duty military members.


Pack your bags: Active duty Gulf Coast servicemembers now get access to HOPS

Hurlburt Air Force Base recently joined the ranks of participating bases in the the Space-A program. read more »

50 years on, Vietnam vets are being honored by recent programs.


Remembering Vietnam vets with new programs

Although the war ended decades ago, recent projects to honor Vietnam vets are going strong. read more »

Veterans who served decades ago are receiving belated thanks.


Honors for veterans remain meaningful decades later

It's not too late to look back on elderly vets' contributions to the country and give recognition. read more »

In multiple mediums, veteran artists have plenty to say.


Communities celebrate vets' artistic achievements

Discovering veterans' artwork through group shows and festivals is a great way to welcome them back to civilian life. read more »

New legislation aims to ensure military members given discharges due to mental trauma don't lose access to vital services.


Protection for vets discharged for PTSD symptoms signed into law

Legislation to help trauma sufferers with less than honorable discharges was recently signed into law. read more »

Going from the military to college poses some challenges, but groups are working to smooth the process.


Military-to-college transition: Challenges and opportunities

Organizations are working to smooth the path from the military to higher education. read more »

A new commission will help immigrant military members receive needed services.


New committee set to honor foreign-born veterans

A new working group will ensure vets born overseas have access to the programs they need to succeed. read more »

Permanent, high-quality residences for vets are important.


Housing developments that favor vets play important role

Recent projects show the potential of creating high-quality, long-term residences with preference given to vets. read more »

Awards and honors show vets their sacrifices are appreciated.


Honors show veterans of past conflicts are not forgotten

A pair of recent ceremonies showed appreciation for vets' efforts in historic conflicts. read more »

It's important to ensure educational programs serving vets are properly accredited.


New bill attempts to keep vets in accredited educational programs

Recent legislation contains provisions designed to protect vets from programs that won't give them proper accreditation. read more »

The House of Representatives has passed legislation that would award a Congressional Gold Medal to Filipino fighters who served during World War II.


House bill recognizes Filipino World War II vets

The House of Representatives has passed legislation that would award a Congressional Gold Medal to Filipino fighters who served during World War II. read more »

Concrete examples of veterans getting into business can serev as an inspiration.


Examples of veteran entrepreneurship

Veteran entrepreneurship is a world of hard work and great opportunity - here are some examples of individuals who have made their own way. read more »

Entrepreneurship is a potential path for veterans today.


Veterans capable of transition into entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a great opportunity for today's veterans. read more »

When vets come home injured, spouses often shoulder heavy responsibilities.


Wounded veterans' spouses deserve recognition

With the right knowledge, wounded veterans' spouses can have a huge positive impact. read more »

More veterans as congressional policy staffers could have a positive impact on legislation.


Groups call for more veterans as congressional staffers

Few congressional policy staffers are veterans, which could hamper efforts to craft appropriate legislation. read more »

Honoring World War II service through medals and memories is important.


Honoring and remembering World War II vets, 70 years later

Remembering and honoring our World War II vets is vital 70 years on from the conflict. read more »

Proper burial is finally possible for some previously unidentified Korean War casualties.


Missing-in-action soldier to receive burial, 65 years later

Military members who perished in the Korean War are still being identified and brought home for burial. read more »

Do hiring managers see eye-to-eye with vets?


Strengthening connections between employers and veterans

Disconnect between hiring managers and vets is an obstacle to military members getting great civilian jobs. read more »

The tranquil ocean is one place to relieve physical or mental trauma.


Relaxation for vets comes from many sources

Examples from Miami show the range of ways to cope with physical or mental wounds through relaxing group activities. read more »

In Pennsylvania and Virginia, new bills are on the way to assist vets.


New veteran-focused legislation planned at state level

Practical, everyday help could be coming for veterans in various states due to the work of their local representatives and senators. read more »

Specialized classes and seminars are being tailored directly to vets' knowledge needs.


Specific career-education programs guide vets to work

By teaching veterans skills that are relevant to business today, specialized classes and seminars are doing a great service. read more »

Creating small houses for vets can be a big help.


'Tiny home' charities dedicated to fighting veteran homelessness

The trend for tiny, functional houses can help homeless vets transition back to normalcy. read more »

Nature has a healing power all its own, and some vets groups are focusing on the outdoors.


Veterans finding fun, healing in the great outdoors

Interactions with nature can enrich veterans' lives once they leave military service. read more »

Time to celebrate veterans who are founding their own companies.


Time to salute vets who have started companies

It's time to celebrate veterans who have started their own companies. read more »

Montana is the site for a vets resource center helping 300 individuals gain valuable skills.


Veterans resource center is 'first of its kind'

In a particularly in-depth example of a program to re-integrate veterans into civilian roles, a program in Montana trains vets to help one another. read more »

Financial relief for vets is being mooted from state legislatures to Capitol Hill.


State, national legislators fighting for veterans

Lawmakers at the state and federal levels are going to bat for veterans, especially when it comes to fiscal relief. read more »

A few types of programs are connecting vets with work.


Job fairs and long-term programs help vets find work

From ongoing training and placement programs to one-off career fairs, there are many programs trying to connect vets with work. read more »

Two recent examples show what types of programs are making a dent in veteran homelessness.


Lessons from communities lowering veteran homelessness

Two communities that have made a serious dent in veteran homelessness show what's possible when agencies work together. read more »

Overcoming stress disorders is a worthy cause.


High-level efforts underway to tackle PTSD threat

From dedicated care facilities to promising new medicine trials, high-level anti-PTSD measures are underway. read more »

Art, theater and music have their own kind of therapeutic power.


Art and drama hold potential for veteran rehabilitation

Theater, visual art and music have their own kind of therapeutic value for veterans. read more »

Honoring veterans who have died is an important duty.


Veterans groups take action to honor those who have died

There are ways to honor Purple Heart veterans who have passed away. Here are two recent examples. read more »

The National Park Service and Boeing are partnering with veterans groups.


National Parks strike up veterans alliance

A new partnership between the National Park Foundation and Boeing is putting veterans to work keeping green spaces beautiful. read more »

There's more than one way to donate to veterans' causes.


Donations to help at-risk vets can take many forms

Donations to help at-risk vets can take several forms, from appliances to warm quilts. read more »

High school students are serving as archivists of stories from veterans who fought in conflicts from World War II to today's battles.


Students learn from vets, honor their stories

High school students are serving as archivists of stories from veterans who fought in conflicts from World War II to today's battles. read more »

Local businesses can be great allies for veterans.


Small businesses can offer helpful vets benefits

When veterans assistance groups team up with local companies, they can help military personnel in their communities. Here are a few examples how. read more »

Affordable housing units for vets are opening in California and Nevada.


For vets facing tough times, housing organizations can help

Whether funded by public or private sector entities, homes designed to get veterans off the streets are filling a vital role. read more »

Organizations are helping vets access their education credits.


Initiatives help veterans transition into education

Projects are underway to ensure veterans make the most of the educational opportunities available to them. read more »

As part of a VA program, 500,000 vets have allowed scientists to use their genomic data.


Over 500,000 veterans volunteer medical information

New research into medical conditions that affect veterans is being boosted by data volunteered by the vets themselves. read more »

Austin, Texas is one of three cities in the state to have cut veteran homelessness to functional zero.


States fighting to eliminate veteran homelessness

Communities are tackling the challenge of veteran homelessness with new programs. Here are two examples of these efforts in action. read more »

Interacting with horses can be hugely therapeutic for veterans.


Veterans groups pursuing equine therapy

There are many types of therapies to help with PTSD, including bonding with horses. read more »

Parades to honor veterans can show local spirit and gratitude.


Veterans receive extended salute at Iowa State Fair

Parades and outdoor gatherings show veterans their contributions are being noted and appreciated. read more »

From the Grand Canyon to the Rocky Mountains, vets are gaining peace of mind in the outdoors.


Nature can prove healing for veterans

Trips into areas of natural beauty can be a form of therapy for veterans. read more »

Finding places for veterans to live is a huge priority in communities around the country.


Housing initiatives take aim at veteran homelessness

It's important to spotlight efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate veteran homelessness. read more »

Court cases can be a time and money burden on vets - which is why help is being offered.


Organizations stepping up with legal services for vets

Legal services can be challenging for veterans to attain - luckily the Bar Association has programs to help. read more »

Physical activity could be therapeutic for wounded vets.


Wounded vets' lives improved by sports

Sports camps for disabled vets can improve quality of life. read more »

Purple Heart recipients are sharing their stories to ensure their accounts are heard in the future.


Purple Heart recipients share their stories for new project

National Purple Heart Day serves as a time to remember military members' unique accounts of their service. read more »

A new nonprofit for vets was recently opened in South Carolina - part of a national network.


New veterans organizations launching services

New organizations are always springing up to help veterans and their families - they are much needed. read more »

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