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Two recent examples show what types of programs are making a dent in veteran homelessness.


Lessons from communities lowering veteran homelessness

Two communities that have made a serious dent in veteran homelessness show what's possible when agencies work together. read more »

Can Congress do more for veterans?


Can Congress do more for veterans?

In the past few years, efforts on the part of state and federal lawmakers to help veterans in many walks of life have become more noticeable. read more »

Overcoming stress disorders is a worthy cause.


High-level efforts underway to tackle PTSD threat

From dedicated care facilities to promising new medicine trials, high-level anti-PTSD measures are underway. read more »

Vets pushing into the tech industry


Vets pushing into the tech industry

As the economy continues to improve nationwide, more companies look to hire well-trained workers who can help them for years to come.  read more »

Art, theater and music have their own kind of therapeutic power.


Art and drama hold potential for veteran rehabilitation

Theater, visual art and music have their own kind of therapeutic value for veterans. read more »

Honoring veterans who have died is an important duty.


Veterans groups take action to honor those who have died

There are ways to honor Purple Heart veterans who have passed away. Here are two recent examples. read more »

The National Park Service and Boeing are partnering with veterans groups.


National Parks strike up veterans alliance

A new partnership between the National Park Foundation and Boeing is putting veterans to work keeping green spaces beautiful. read more »

National Guard members must navigate the military and civilain worlds at once.


National Guard and employers build bonds

Employers that make accommodations for their National Guard member employees can receive thanks from the Department of Defense. read more »

Communities are finding ways to honor their hard-working first responders.


Communities' public tributes can honor first responders

Two different types of public installations show ways communities can salute their first responders. read more »

There's more than one way to donate to veterans' causes.


Donations to help at-risk vets can take many forms

Donations to help at-risk vets can take several forms, from appliances to warm quilts. read more »

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