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Nature has a healing power all its own, and some vets groups are focusing on the outdoors.


Veterans finding fun, healing in the great outdoors

Interactions with nature can enrich veterans' lives once they leave military service. read more »

Time to celebrate veterans who are founding their own companies.


Time to salute vets who have started companies

It's time to celebrate veterans who have started their own companies. read more »

A get-together with Texas police and the community included a visit from a friendly K9 officer.


Fun and togetherness are themes of first responder thank-yous

Lighthearted outdoor get-togethers can improve the mood in a community. read more »

Montana is the site for a vets resource center helping 300 individuals gain valuable skills.


Veterans resource center is 'first of its kind'

In a particularly in-depth example of a program to re-integrate veterans into civilian roles, a program in Montana trains vets to help one another. read more »

Financial relief for vets is being mooted from state legislatures to Capitol Hill.


State, national legislators fighting for veterans

Lawmakers at the state and federal levels are going to bat for veterans, especially when it comes to fiscal relief. read more »

Music and sports can be the basis for great veterans programs.


Sports, music bringing joy to veterans

From football refereeing to therapy via rock music, there are many hobby-themed programs out there for vets. read more »

A few types of programs are connecting vets with work.


Job fairs and long-term programs help vets find work

From ongoing training and placement programs to one-off career fairs, there are many programs trying to connect vets with work. read more »

Two recent examples show what types of programs are making a dent in veteran homelessness.


Lessons from communities lowering veteran homelessness

Two communities that have made a serious dent in veteran homelessness show what's possible when agencies work together. read more »

Can Congress do more for veterans?


Can Congress do more for veterans?

In the past few years, efforts on the part of state and federal lawmakers to help veterans in many walks of life have become more noticeable. read more »

Overcoming stress disorders is a worthy cause.


High-level efforts underway to tackle PTSD threat

From dedicated care facilities to promising new medicine trials, high-level anti-PTSD measures are underway. read more »

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