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Support groups can help first responders deal with the stress of witnessing trauma.


First responders can band together to deal with trauma

Dealing with trauma is critical for first responders today. read more »

Some vets still struggle with health care but help is on the way at VA


Help on the way for vets still struggling with health care

There have been plenty of headlines in recent years about the ways in which health care systems - both public and private - sometimes fail veterans and their families. read more »

New legislation aims to ensure military members given discharges due to mental trauma don't lose access to vital services.


Protection for vets discharged for PTSD symptoms signed into law

Legislation to help trauma sufferers with less than honorable discharges was recently signed into law. read more »

Communities bolstering mental health services for vets


Communities bolstering mental health services for vets

When veterans get home from serving their country, many have a number of options available to them. read more »

Many efforts to stamp out veteran homelessness nationwide


Many efforts to stamp out veteran homelessness nationwide

For years, there has been a commitment at nearly all levels of government to get homeless veterans off the streets and into stable housing situations. read more »

Going from the military to college poses some challenges, but groups are working to smooth the process.


Military-to-college transition: Challenges and opportunities

Organizations are working to smooth the path from the military to higher education. read more »

A new commission will help immigrant military members receive needed services.


New committee set to honor foreign-born veterans

A new working group will ensure vets born overseas have access to the programs they need to succeed. read more »

PTSD can have a severe impact on first responders.


PTSD among first responders receives attention

First responders' work can induce PTSD, so programs to help individuals cope are indispensable. read more »

Permanent, high-quality residences for vets are important.


Housing developments that favor vets play important role

Recent projects show the potential of creating high-quality, long-term residences with preference given to vets. read more »

Awards and honors show vets their sacrifices are appreciated.


Honors show veterans of past conflicts are not forgotten

A pair of recent ceremonies showed appreciation for vets' efforts in historic conflicts. read more »

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