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Understanding your Family Servicemembers' and Veterans' Group Life Insurance Policy

Like most things in life, the Family Servicemembers' and Veterans' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) Policy is complex and can be difficult to understand without a bit of guidance. read more »


Army revising points system for some NCOs

The Army is revising its enlisted promotion points system beginning on June 1, a major overhaul to the system that determines which soldiers have what it takes to become sergeants and staff sergeants, according to read more »


Still time to claim stop-loss payments from government

The deadline to claim stop-loss payments for time served that was involuntarily extended has now been moved to April 8, according to read more »


Army holds job fair for 1,200 positions in Alabama

The Army held a job fair in Stafford, Alabama, with 1,200 jobs available to new recruits, according to read more »


Proposed gym on San Diego naval base drawing criticism

A gym that is being proposed for construction on Naval Base Coronado in San Diego has drawn criticism as of late after backlash that the money could be better used to help with the national deficit, according to read more »


Americans greeted at Travis Air Force Base as they return from Japan

570 people, all members of military families, arrived at Travis Air Force Base in California on Tuesday after being in the country during the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck last week, according to The Reporter. read more »


Understanding the components of the Veterans' Group Life Insurance policy

You may have heard rumblings about it here and there, but do you fully understand what goes into a Veterans' Group Life Insurance (VGLI) policy? read more »