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Army administers revised fitness test

The Army Physical Fitness School is in the beginning stages of trying out a new test that will replace the outdated one that has been the standard since the 1980s. read more »


Former West Point lacrosse teammates keep shared bond

A pair of former college teammates recently reunited to share the game that has kept them together throughout their respective deployments. read more »


Robert Gates pledges to fight to avoid troop cuts

Although Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is set to leave office in June, has assured Marines that he will work to avoid cuts when the conflict in Afghanistan winds down. read more »


National Guard playing integral role in Missouri flood recovery

National Guardsmen have been answering the call in the Southeast as flooding continues throughout the region, but they also recently had to rescue some of their own members who had gotten into trouble. read more »


Virtual IED training set to begin

Improvised explosive devices (IED) have been causing casualties and severe damage for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly a decade. read more »


Army veteran celebrates 110th birthday in Rock Island

Recently, friends, family and local church members gathered to celebrate the 110th birthday of an Army veteran who served in World War II for a year in 1942. read more »


Servicewoman runs marathons, raises money for charity in gear

For one soldier who takes pleasure in running marathons, participating isn't just a form of exercise: it's a form of charity. read more »


Department of Defense announces stationing of two Combat Aviation Brigades

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on Wednesday that they are deploying two additional Combat Aviation Brigades, one in Fort Wainwright, Alaska, and the other in Fort Carson, Colorado, according to the U.S. Army. read more »


Troops will get priority registration for Ten-Miler

All U.S. service men and women will receive priority registration for the Army's Ten-Miler race, according to the U.S. Army. read more »


Soldiers helps clear runways at Sendai International

U.S. soldiers have helped clear the runways at Sendai International Airport in Japan, according to the U.S. Army. read more »