September 2011

9/30/2011 - Healthcare premiums raise slightly for military retirees

The Department of Defense announced a change to its healthcare policies for military retirees on Thursday, and while they will see a slight increase in annual premiums, officials say the change will be very small. read more »

9/29/2011 - New policy keeps soldiers out of duty following a blast

A program put in place last year to study the subtle effects that explosions have on the brains of soldiers has found that nearly 1,400 troops suffered mild brain trauma in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last year, USA Today reports. read more »

9/28/2011 - Military Relocation: Moving as a military family

Moving can be a stressful time for families from all walks of life, whether it be across town or across the country, and for military families, changing locations is an all-too-familiar occurrence. read more »

9/27/2011 - Legilsation hopes to provide federal funding for first responders

Some first responders around the country have been hampered by outdated communications systems, and Representatives Steve Rothman and Peter King are looking to change all that. read more »

9/27/2011 - Pentagon continues cyber attack defense pilot program

In an effort to protect sensitive information on Pentagon computers, the Department of Defense recently launched a program to prevent hackers from retrieving data pertaining to national defense and other classified files, The Associated Press reports. read more »

9/26/2011 - More than 50 Medal of Honor recipients convene in Louisville

Some of the nation's bravest soldiers are heading to Louisville, Kentucky, for an event unlike any other in the country. read more »

9/26/2011 - More young troops suffering from arthritis

Arthritis may be considered a condition known only to older adults, but more and more young troops are coming back from overseas with similar symptoms. read more »

9/23/2011 - After grounding, F-22 Raptors back in the air

In May, the nation's F-22 Raptors were grounded due to growing complaints from pilots about a lack of oxygen. read more »

9/23/2011 - Language laboratory built in Iraq amid hardship

A four member team in Iraq recently completed construction on a language center that is aimed at helping Iraqi citizens learn English. read more »

9/22/2011 - Number of amputations in Afghanistan on the rise, report says

The number of amputations in soldiers serving in Afghanistan has seen a sharp rise over the last couple years, military officials said Tuesday. read more »

9/22/2011 - South Carolina reveals new uniforms honoring wounded vets

The South Carolina Gamecocks recently unveiled new uniforms for their upcoming game against the Auburn Tigers, which honor the members of the Armed Forces. read more »

9/22/2011 - Nine World War II soldiers laid to rest at Arlington

The remains of nine soldiers were laid to rest at the Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday more than 68 years after their plane was shot down in Papua New Guinea in 1943. read more »

9/21/2011 - Fort Lee earns distinction for eco-friendly practices

Fort Lee recently earned E4 status from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ), making it the first Army institution in the state to receive the honor. read more »

9/21/2011 - Troop reduction begins in Iraq

As per a 2008 agreement, American troops are scheduled to leave Iraq by the end of the year, and it looks like the military is on pace to meet the deadline. read more »

9/20/2011 - First responders prepared for Reno air show disaster

Details are beginning to emerge about the aftermath of the horrific air show crash in Reno, Nevada, that claimed the lives of nine people, and witnesses are painting the picture of how quickly first responders leaped into action. read more »

9/20/2011 - Don't Ask Don't Tell officially comes to an end

The military officially lifted the ban on openly gay and lesbian servicemembers on Tuesday, and officials don't foresee any problems in the transition. read more »

9/20/2011 - National Suicide Prevention Month continues with Pentagon health fair

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and in an effort to bring attention to the issue, the Army recently held a health fair in the Pentagon courtyard. read more »

9/19/2011 - Kevin Youkilis helps collect books for military families

Boston Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis is beloved by fans throughout New England for his on-field heroics, but he also makes numerous contributions away from the diamond. read more »

9/19/2011 - Traumatic injury benefits offered to more troops

Soldiers who suffered a traumatic injury between October 7, 2001, and November 30, 2005 are now eligible for payments, even if the injury occurred outside a combat zone. read more »

9/19/2011 - Michigan State scientists develop roadside bomb detector

Roadside bombs have long been one of the biggest threats to American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and researchers at Michigan State believe they may have found a way to make them less dangerous. read more »

9/16/2011 - Final details of Carrier Classic put in place

After months of planning, the details are finally ironed out for the first ever Carrier Classic. read more »

9/16/2011 - Energy Initiatives Task Force beings operations

In August the Army announced the formation of the Energy Initiatives Task Force to help build a bridge between the Armed Forces and the private sector. read more »

9/15/2011 - Overlooked hero gets Medal of Honor recommendation

The same day that Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer received the Medal of Honor for his heroics on September 8, 2009, the soldier fighting alongside him was recommended for the same award. read more »

9/15/2011 - GI Jobs magazine unveils list of most military-friendly schools

The Post 9/11 GI Bill has made getting an education easier than ever for members of the Armed Forces, but there are a number of schools that stand out from the pack when it comes to being military-friendly. read more »

9/14/2011 - American Red Cross partners with Walmart to help returning soldiers

Making the transition back to civilian life can be hard for some soldiers, and in an effort to make the move a little easier, Walmart and the American Red Cross have come together to host the Coming Home Series. read more »

9/14/2011 - Adm. Mike Mullen hosts town hall event in Florida

In an effort to bridge the gap between soldiers and civilians, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently continued a series of town hall events with a meeting in Coral Gables, Florida. read more »

9/14/2011 - Army debuts innovative Command Web

The Army recently launched its innovative web-based mission command that makes sharing pictures of the battlefield even easier. read more »

9/14/2011 - ROTC to return to Yale in 2012

Though it is one of the most famous universities in the world, Yale had been without an Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program for decades. read more »

9/14/2011 - CFPB asks military families for their input

There were many victims of the unscrupulous financial dealings that led to the economic crisis in 2008, but military families were some of the hardest hit. read more »

9/13/2011 - Winners of Army's invention competition announced

The Army recently held a competition to find out who could develop the most innovative technological advancements, and several weeks ago it finally announced the winners. read more »

9/13/2011 - Firefighters ready to use planes to fight blaze

First responders in Central Texas are gearing up for an aerial assault on wildfires that have claimed almost 1,400 homes. read more »

9/13/2011 - Committee passes veterans jobs bill

Many Americans are feeling the pinch of poor employment rates, and veterans have been suffering even more. read more »

9/12/2011 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers host heartwarming reunion

Football teams across the country honored the heroes and victims of September 11 on Sunday, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had an especially emotional display. read more »

9/12/2011 - Dogs an invaluable part of military operation

They say that dogs are man's best friends, and nowhere is that more true than in the military. read more »

9/12/2011 - Post-9/11 GI Bill may be on the chopping block

The Post-9/11 GI Bill was one of the most generous in military history when it was passed in 2009, but now many veterans are concerned that it may be taken away. read more »

9/8/2011 - Proposed retirement plan changes met with criticism

Among the measures put forth by lawmakers to reduce the federal deficit is one that would change the longstanding military retirement policy. read more »

9/8/2011 - Research center earns grant to conduct nutrition study

Proper nutrition can have numerous benefits for everyone, but one company is hoping to find out which nutrients in particular can help out soldiers the most. read more »

9/8/2011 - Blue Angels use biofuels during Labor Day air show

The Blue Angels wowed spectators in their Labor Day weekend performance at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, but perhaps the most impressive aspect of the show was not visible to people on the ground. read more »

9/7/2011 - Father of killed soldier helps counsel others

Staff Sergeant Jacob Frazier was the first Illinois soldier killed in combat in Afghanistan, and ever since that day his father has been working to keep his spirit alive. read more »

9/7/2011 - White House considers leaving some troops in Iraq

Almost three years ago, an agreement between Iraq and the United States had all American forces leaving the country by the end of 2011. read more »

9/7/2011 - Guardsman helps other soldiers stay in shape

Most soldiers know that it can be all too easy to slack off when it comes to exercising, but one National Guardsman is not willing to let that happen. read more »

9/6/2011 - Veteran completes 7,000 mile walk across the country

Troy Yocum embarked on a 7,000 mile journey across the United States back in April 2010, and the Iraq veteran recently completed his arduous trek. read more »

9/6/2011 - Injured vet to ride in remembrance of 9/11

Gary Linfoot's legs were paralyzed after a 2008 helicopter crash in Iraq, and he has since found a way to not only remember those who have fallen in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also get a sense of closure. read more »

9/6/2011 - Caregiver benefits program enjoys warm response

Earlier this year, the Department of Veterans Affairs unveiled the Family Caregiver program for post-9/11 veterans, and so far it has been heralded as a success by those who have used its benefits. read more »

9/2/2011 - Vietnam vet given posthumous honor for bravery

More than 40 years after his death, Cpl. Roy Cisneros recently was honored with Texas' highest military decoration. read more »

9/1/2011 - No U.S. troops killed in Iraq during August

August proved to be the deadliest month in Afghanistan for U.S. forces since the war began, but in Iraq it was a much different story. read more »

9/1/2011 - Navy SEALs receive negotiation training from West Point

Navy SEALs are widely regarded as some of the most highly-skilled soldiers in the world, but they too can benefit from more training now and then. read more »

9/1/2011 - Minnesota to continue practice of honoring vets at funerals

Although Minnesota is battling a budget crisis, the state recently committed to making sure it allocates money to have honor guards at veterans' funerals. read more »