August 2017

The new first responder facility in Chicago will give police officers and firefighters the opportunity to train side by side.

8/18/2017 - Advanced first responders training facilities opening across the country

New first responder training facilities in places like Chicago and Colorado provide real-life scenarios to improve response capabilities.  read more »

With the right plan in place, government contractors can navigate the red tape and grow their business.

8/18/2017 - 4 smart tips for government contractors to grow their business

In this current market, it’s crucial that government contractors take the necessary steps to increase their visibility through marketing and networking endeavors in order to grow their operations. read more »

First responders are more than just police officers or firefighters.

8/14/2017 - Petition tries to recognize National First Responders Day

With greater awareness of the obstacles and risks involved in these occupations, we can find new avenues for safety precautions and post-event treatments for first responders. read more »

Government contractors expressed record-high confidence in their outlook for the upcoming year.

8/1/2017 - Contractors boost confidence in government market

With government contractors' confidence reaching record highs, now is the perfect time for identifying new growth opportunities and pursuing lucrative new contracts. read more »