August 2016

More veteran job opportunities crop up nationwide

8/31/2016 - More veteran job opportunities crop up nationwide

One of the biggest issues many veterans face when they return home from service, and sometimes for a while afterward, is that it's not always easy to find a steady job. read more »

A neighborhood celebration can show first responders they are appreciated.

8/30/2016 - More communities organize gatherings to salute first responders

It's easy to put on a great community celebration in honor of first responders. Here are a few examples of this kind of party. read more »

As part of a VA program, 500,000 vets have allowed scientists to use their genomic data.

8/26/2016 - Over 500,000 veterans volunteer medical information

New research into medical conditions that affect veterans is being boosted by data volunteered by the vets themselves. read more »

Austin, Texas is one of three cities in the state to have cut veteran homelessness to functional zero.

8/25/2016 - States fighting to eliminate veteran homelessness

Communities are tackling the challenge of veteran homelessness with new programs. Here are two examples of these efforts in action. read more »

Interacting with horses can be hugely therapeutic for veterans.

8/24/2016 - Veterans groups pursuing equine therapy

There are many types of therapies to help with PTSD, including bonding with horses. read more »

93-year-old vet completes cross-country run

8/24/2016 - 93-year-old vet completes cross-country run

Running across the country is a difficult task for anyone to complete, let alone a 93-year-old service veteran. read more »

First responders and stress

8/22/2016 - First responders and stress [Infographic]

It should come as no surprise to first responders and their families that stress can be a major factor in their lives. read more »

There are many ways to salute first responders.

8/17/2016 - Programs nationwide honor first responders' sacrifices

Through unorthodox displays, groups around the country are showing their gratitude to first responders. read more »

Parades to honor veterans can show local spirit and gratitude.

8/17/2016 - Veterans receive extended salute at Iowa State Fair

Parades and outdoor gatherings show veterans their contributions are being noted and appreciated. read more »

Solving veteran homelessness with 'tiny houses'

8/16/2016 - Solving veteran homelessness with 'tiny houses'

Over the past few years, cities, states, and even the federal government have devoted a lot of energy and resources to reducing veteran homelessness. read more »

From the Grand Canyon to the Rocky Mountains, vets are gaining peace of mind in the outdoors.

8/16/2016 - Nature can prove healing for veterans

Trips into areas of natural beauty can be a form of therapy for veterans. read more »

Finding places for veterans to live is a huge priority in communities around the country.

8/12/2016 - Housing initiatives take aim at veteran homelessness

It's important to spotlight efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate veteran homelessness. read more »

Court cases can be a time and money burden on vets - which is why help is being offered.

8/11/2016 - Organizations stepping up with legal services for vets

Legal services can be challenging for veterans to attain - luckily the Bar Association has programs to help. read more »

Physical activity could be therapeutic for wounded vets.

8/10/2016 - Wounded vets' lives improved by sports

Sports camps for disabled vets can improve quality of life. read more »

Purple Heart recipients are sharing their stories to ensure their accounts are heard in the future.

8/10/2016 - Purple Heart recipients share their stories for new project

National Purple Heart Day serves as a time to remember military members' unique accounts of their service. read more »

Even a homeless vet chooses to give back

8/9/2016 - Even a homeless vet chooses to give back

While veteran homelessness has been addressed at the local, state, and federal levels over the past several years, it's still an issue affecting thousands of former service members every day. read more »

A new nonprofit for vets was recently opened in South Carolina - part of a national network.

8/4/2016 - New veterans organizations launching services

New organizations are always springing up to help veterans and their families - they are much needed. read more »

First responders do so much for their communities. Recent events have sought to make connections and give back.

8/3/2016 - Events bring first responders together with their communities

Multiple events for first responders and their communities, each taking different forms, are being announced across the nation. read more »

Donation drives, large or small, can have material effects on veterans' quality of life.

8/2/2016 - Fundraisers take shape to help veterans groups

Donation drives for veterans groups can take many different forms. read more »

Obama highlights strides in veteran help

8/2/2016 - Obama highlights strides in veteran help

Over the past few years, more has been done at both the state and federal levels to assist veterans as they re-integrate into civilian life and deal with the aftereffects of their service.  read more »