August 2012

8/31/2012 - National Guard leaps into action as hurricane batters Gulf Coast

As Hurricane Isaac battered the Gulf Coast over the last several days, the harsh winds and driving rain left many families stranded amid rising waters. read more »

8/30/2012 - Computer support the career of choice among VRAP participants

The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program is aimed at lowering the unemployment rate among former soldiers by offering them targeted training for in-demand fields. read more »

8/30/2012 - Officer becomes first female major general

Over the last several decades, women have made considerable strides in the Armed Forces, and earlier this week one officer helped break new ground. read more »

8/29/2012 - Military families discuss challenges of deployment

Military families may not agree on everything, but when it comes to the challenges of the deployment of a loved one, they are very much on the same page. read more »

8/28/2012 - Injured Marine completes Kilimanjaro climb

Scaling Mount Kilimanjaro is an impressive feat for anyone, but for Staff Sgt. Mark Zambon, it was an even greater accomplishment. read more »

8/28/2012 - Analysts: TRICARE may be hit by sequestration

There are several areas of the military that are exempt from sequestration. Basic pay, allowance for housing and veterans healthcare will not be affected by the across-the-board cuts, should they occur. read more »

8/28/2012 - Kentucky study aimed at effects of military suicide

The mental health of soldiers is one of the biggest issues facing the military, and at the heart of the matter is suicide, which has historically been a problem in the Armed Forces. read more »

8/27/2012 - Labor Day golf events support military families

With Labor Day weekend approaching, many Americans are planning to hit the links, and depending where they tee it up they can support the troops at the same time. read more »

8/24/2012 - Contractor develops mobile app for first responders

Communication between first responders is vital in an emergency, but sometimes there can be gaps in the network. read more »

8/24/2012 - Holly Petraeus educates military families on finances

Young military families often face significant challenges, and few are more common than financial struggles. read more »

8/23/2012 - Training won't suffer in face of sequestration

The looming threat of sequestration, the $500 billion across-the-board cuts enacted if Congress can't reach a budget deal by the end of November, has led to rampant speculation about what impact the slashes could have. read more »

8/23/2012 - Private fund helps build medical centers for veterans

Any reductions to the military budget do not change the fact that there are still many physically and mentally wounded soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. read more »

8/22/2012 - Michelle Obama's Joining Forces effort celebrates milestone

When it was launched by first lady Michelle Obama, the Joining Forces initiative set a lofty goal of hiring 100,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2013. read more »

8/22/2012 - Effects of budget debate already felt by military kids

With Congress at an impasse on budget cuts, it seems likely that a military budget won't be formed by November. read more »

8/21/2012 - After battling cancer, vet finishes cross-country ride

Having served more than 20 years in the Air Force and surviving a battle with cancer, Mike Sanders is no stranger to overcoming challenges. read more »

8/21/2012 - Old Ironsides sails through Boston Harbor

A bit of military history made its way through Boston Harbor over the weekend when the USS Constitution, more commonly known as Old Ironsides, sailed under its own power for only the second time in 131 years. read more »

8/20/2012 - Kid Rock helps military family into new home

Kid Rock has long been an ardent supporter of the troops, and the rapper-turned-country singer recently went above and beyond for one injured vet. read more »

8/20/2012 - Woman becomes first openly gay general

When the don't ask, don't tell policy officially ended last year, it marked a significant step forward for gay troops, and earlier this month they made even more progress. read more »

8/17/2012 - Recent vets cite finding a job as biggest concern

As thousands of troops prepare to head home from Afghanistan, many of them will face the sometimes-arduous task of transitioning to civilian life. read more »

8/17/2012 - Military research brings TBI effects into focus

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have been thrust into the spotlight thanks to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now military researchers say they are slowly coming to better understand the mysterious condition. read more »

8/17/2012 - Injured vets head to Paralympic Games

Though the Summer Olympics came to a close last weekend, another group of athletes are getting ready to head to London for their shot at glory. read more »

8/16/2012 - Couples therapy combined with PTSD treatment yields results

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects about 20 percent of veterans according to some estimates, and the condition poses one of the biggest challenges for military families. read more »

8/16/2012 - Kids from Ramstein Air Force Base headed to LLWS

Despite living half a world away, a group of youngsters from the United States will get a chance to play America's favorite pastime on home soil. read more »

8/15/2012 - New cars pose challenges for first responders

Advancements in technology have made cars safer than ever, and while that's good news for passengers, it has made life a bit more difficult for first responders. read more »

8/14/2012 - What could sequestration mean for military families?

There is a great deal of uncertainty in the future of the military due to the threat of across-the-board budget cuts, known as sequestration, looming. read more »

8/14/2012 - Some vets denied access to healthcare due to record

While the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides healthcare to many troops, some servicemembers encounter trouble when seeking treatment. read more »

8/13/2012 - Lung disease added to Social Security list

A rare lung disease plaguing some veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan was recently added to the Social Security Administration "compassionate allowances" list. read more »

8/13/2012 - NEA magazine pays tribute to military artwork

A number of veterans use artistic outlets to cope with the mental wounds of war, and now for the first time the National Endowment for the Arts is recognizing the connection. read more »

8/10/2012 - Operation Homefront helps military families prepare for school

Families across the country are scrambling to get ready for the beginning of another school year, but for those with ties to the military, the process can be a bit more difficult. read more »

8/10/2012 - Vietnam vet given Silver Star decades later

Army Sgt. Frank Spink has spent decades waiting for the recognition of his heroism during the Vietnam War, and earlier this week he got what he'd long been hoping for. read more »

8/9/2012 - As wildfires rage on, National Guard lends a hand

Many communities in the Midwest and Southwest are battling intense wildfires, and in an effort to help in the fight, the National Guard recently increased its involvement. read more »

8/9/2012 - Veterans enter medical professions to help fellow soldiers

Many medical professionals have made addressing the mental health of veterans a priority, and a growing number of them are former members of the military themselves. read more »

8/8/2012 - Oklahoma wildfires take toll on first responders

This summer has been particularly bad when it comes to wildfires, with large sections of Arizona, Colorado and Idaho all having to battle intense blazes. read more »

8/8/2012 - Obama signs law curtailing military funeral protests

The small Westboro Baptist Church has made headlines over the last decade for its abhorrent protests at the funerals of soldiers killed in action, but there may soon be an end to the demonstrations. read more »

8/7/2012 - Military spouse brings back gold from London

Several members of the military made their way to London for the Summer Olympics, and so did some of their family members. read more »

8/7/2012 - New Hampshire offers free state park admittance to servicemembers

Earlier this year, the Interior Department offered free annual passes to National Parks to military personnel and their families, and now at least one state is following suit for its parks. read more »

8/7/2012 - California military family receives new home from country star

Country star Tim McGraw has been one of the most ardent supporters of the military in the music industry, and he recently continued his commitment to veterans. read more »

8/6/2012 - Vets use writing to transition to civilian life

Upon returning home from combat, many veterans struggle to transition to civilian life, but one pair of men believe they have found an effective outlet. read more »

8/6/2012 - Veteran unemployment rate falls in July

The jobs report for July was a bit better than expected, as U.S. companies added around 163,000 jobs, and the figures were even more encouraging for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. read more »

8/3/2012 - Training service dogs helps veterans ease stress

Service dogs have become a useful treatment for injured veterans, but it turns out the servicemembers training the dogs are reaping some benefits as well. read more »

8/3/2012 - Army vet works to earn spot on Clemson football team

Many veterans enroll in college after serving in the military, but one in particular is not content with just going to class. read more »

8/2/2012 - Veterans more likely to have poor health

A recently-released report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that veterans are more likely than the civilian population to be managing multiple chronic conditions. read more »

8/2/2012 - Texas organizations offer relief to military families

Military families face many challenges, and those obstacles become even greater when they are faced with the loss of a loved one. read more »

8/1/2012 - South Carolina plans Medal of Honor museum

In order to be given a Medal of Honor, soldiers have to put their life on the line like few others have ever done, and plans are in motion to honor their sacrifice even further. read more »