August 2011

8/31/2011 - NASCAR, NHRA drivers planning Pentagon tribute

With the 10th anniversary of September 11 just weeks away, both the National Hot Road Association (NHRA) and NASCAR have teamed up with the Army to honor the victims of the attack on the Pentagon. read more »

8/31/2011 - Iraq vet-turned-actor to compete on Dancing With the Stars

Although it is usually known for bringing together a rag-tag bunch of B-list celebrities, the ABC show Dancing With the Stars changed its tune a bit for the upcoming season. read more »

8/30/2011 - National Guard launches new response after Irene

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, local and national officials are grappling with the damage, and the military is doing its part to help out. read more »

8/30/2011 - New Orleans Saints visit military families

Although the NFL regular season is just weeks away, the New Orleans Saints recently traveled to Point Mugu, California, to show their support to military families. read more »

8/29/2011 - Army looking for new combat pistol

For 25 years, soldiers in the Army have used the Baretta M9 pistol, but now officials are looking to replace the outdated firearm. read more »

8/29/2011 - Lewis-McChord welcomes newest Special Forces unit

The 1st Special Forces Group at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington, recently unveiled its latest special forces unit. read more »

8/29/2011 - Brotherhood Ride honoring fallen 9/11 first responders underway

Almost 40 first responders embarked on a 22-day, 1,600-mile bike ride late last week in honor of the their fallen colleagues. read more »

8/26/2011 - Vietnam vet gets Bronze Star after 40 years

Robert C. Berkshire earned a Bronze Star while serving in the Vietnam War, but on his way back to states in 1971 someone stole his bag, and his star with it. read more »

8/25/2011 - Massachusetts military families help out their own

A group of military families who have lost children to the war have recently come together to help out others. read more »

8/25/2011 - ACAP aids veterans in transitioning to civilian life

Making the move from active duty back to civilian life can sometimes be difficult for soldiers. read more »

8/24/2011 - Joe Biden praises Japan relief effort

Though often known for their work on the battlefield, the U.S. Military is just as active when it comes to providing humanitarian aid. read more »

8/24/2011 - Soldier honored for saving elderly residents from fire

Willie Smith arrived in Stuttgart, Germany, in April to serve in the Headquarters Support Company as a budget technician, and it wasn't long before he was helping out in a different capacity. read more »

8/23/2011 - New iPad app aimed at first responders

A new iPad program developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was launched in the hopes to give first responders a new tool in the fight against natural disasters. read more »

8/23/2011 - Belvior Community Hospital set to open

As part of the recommendations of the Base Realignment and Closure Committee, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Malcolm Grow Medical Center were recently consolidated into the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. read more »

8/22/2011 - Georgia citizens donate shaving cream to protect troops

Georgia citizens are coming together to support the troops, and while that in and of itself is not uncommon, how they are showing their support is a little unusual. read more »

8/22/2011 - Army releases suicide awareness video

Sometimes the mental wounds of war can be more taxing than the physical injuries, and the Army recently released a video aimed at raising awareness of junior leadership and supervisors when it comes to mental health. read more »

8/19/2011 - Oldest Army division hosts reunion in Buffalo

The Army's 1st Infantry Division, commonly known as The Big Red One, is one of the oldest and most storied divisions in the Army. read more »

8/19/2011 - Fort Irwin residents take in stray dog

Soldiers are often well-known for saving their fellow servicemembers, but the residents at Fort Irwin, California, have rallied around something of a different species. read more »

8/18/2011 - Man receives kidney from fellow soldier

Marine Lt. Patrick Wayland died earlier this month when his heart stopped during a training exercise, but his family did not want his passing to be for nothing. read more »

8/18/2011 - Indiana soldier honored for in-air heroics

A soldier from Camp Atterbury, Indiana, was recently honored for his heroics aboard a plane that helped him save a fellow passenger's life. read more »

8/17/2011 - Defense board mulling over change in retirement policy

Several weeks ahead of the Congressional super committee laying out its plans for budget cuts, a separate group met to determine the future of military retirement benefits. read more »

8/17/2011 - New advancement allows injured soldiers to walk, run

Wounded soldiers who once had trouble walking may now be able to run thanks to the advent of a new orthopedic device. read more »

8/16/2011 - Soldiers volunteer to build home for fellow veteran

Volunteers have been building new houses through the television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for years, and recently a number of soldiers got in on the action to help out one of their own. read more »

8/16/2011 - Bantaan Death March survivor dies at 105

The Bataan Death March was one of the most infamous war crimes committed by the Japanese army during World War II, and its oldest remaining survivor recently passed away at the age of 105. read more »

8/15/2011 - Wounded veterans skydive for a good cause

A group of wounded veterans recently found a unique way to help heal the emotional scars of their injuries - skydiving. read more »

8/15/2011 - Army announces renewable energy task force

Higher fuel prices have affected just about everyone, and the Army has not been spared. read more »

8/12/2011 - Military families group gives children the chance to unwind

For children of parents who are either wounded from combat or deployed overseas, life can certainly be stressful. read more »

8/12/2011 - Arizona State opens Pat Tillman Veterans Center

Pat Tillman famously left his job as a professional football player and enlisted in the Army after September 11. read more »

8/11/2011 - Five decades later, veteran and his family receive medals

For more than 50 years, Francisco Oliveras-Padilla went without the medals he earned as a soldier during the Korean War. read more »

8/11/2011 - Pentagon Memorial offers a solemn reminder of lives lost on 9/11

There has been much discussion over the completion of the September 11 memorial at the former World Trade Center site, but for the last three years, visitors in Washington, D.C. have been able to remember victims of the attack at the Pentagon. read more »

8/11/2011 - Fort Benning adds electronic warfare training

The advancement in technology over the past few decades has forever changed the way soldiers fight, but it has also made them more susceptible on the battlefield. read more »

8/10/2011 - Patty Murray named co-chair of congressional budget committee

With the government looking to cut spending at every turn, many members of the military have been worried that they may lose veteran benefits. read more »

8/10/2011 - Small group of soldiers honors those killed in recent helicopter crash

The 30 men who were killed when their helicopter was allegedly shot down in Afghanistan over the weekend were recently honored by their fellow injured soldiers. read more »

8/10/2011 - Oregon National Guard works with Navy SEALs in training exercise

A group of Oregon National Guardsmen recently got some firsthand experience to to gauge whether their training has been paying off. read more »

8/9/2011 - World Police and Fire Games head to New York City

First responders are often revered for their bravery, but their athletic prowess should not be overlooked. read more »

8/9/2011 - Veterans offer helping hand in World Trade Center reconstruction

With the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks fast approaching, construction crews are working feverishly to rebuild on the former site of the World Trade Center. read more »

8/9/2011 - Engineers link tactical radios to smartphones, other devices

In an effort to simplify communication between troops, Army scientists have linked tactical radios to smartphones, instant messaging systems and other devices. read more »

8/8/2011 - Performances highlight military families' struggles

Sometimes overlooked in times of war is the mental anguish that families face when their loved ones are overseas. read more »

8/8/2011 - Minnesota vets bond over helicopter restoration

Many people often go to great lengths to honor the soldiers who fought in previous wars, but one group of veterans has gone above and beyond. read more »

8/8/2011 - Deployments to be shortened to nine months starting Jan. 1

In what is sure to be a welcome change in policy to both soldiers and their families, the Army recently announced a shift from 12-month deployments to 9-month deployments. read more »

8/5/2011 - Obama proposes tax incentives to help unemployed vets

The sputtering economy has hurt the job prospects of many Americans, and veterans are among the hardest hit. read more »

8/5/2011 - Remote control toy saves soldiers' lives

Six soldiers serving in Afghanistan were spared serious injury or death recently thanks to a very unlikely source. read more »

8/4/2011 - Soldier designs innovative way to reduce presence of IEDs

Improvised explosive devices (IED) are one of the biggest dangers to soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, and one serviceman from Wisconsin recently came up with a way to reduce their impact. read more »

8/4/2011 - Fort Bragg welcomes Forces Command, U.S. Army Reserve Command

On Monday, the Forces Command and U.S. Army Reserve Command both officially completed their move from Atlanta to Fort Bragg as part of the recommendations from the Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC). read more »

8/4/2011 - Settlement gives disability benefits to vets with PTSD

Although more than 1,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), many were not granted disability benefits for the condition. read more »

8/3/2011 - Air Force Academy among the best schools in the country, Princeton Review says

Though it's well-known for producing top-of-the-line cadets, a new book released by the Princeton Review shows that the Air Force Academy is among the best colleges in the country as well. read more »

8/3/2011 - Army North trains to respond to domestic disasters

The Armed Forces are well-trained to deal with difficult situations overseas, but fewer people may be aware of the role they serve when disaster strikes at home. read more »

8/2/2011 - Navy considers the benefits of using Google Plus

Google Plus has been lauded as the next big thing in the world of social networking, and it looks like the Navy is set to jump on board. read more »

8/2/2011 - Search dogs help protect soldiers from IEDs

Specially-trained dogs have played a vital role in law enforcement for years, and now they're serving an important function in the military as well. read more »

8/2/2011 - Soldier qualifies for spot on 2012 Olympic team

A soldier from Fort Benning may be making his way from the battlefield to the sports arena. read more »

8/1/2011 - Soldier rescues passengers from burning bus

When Sgt. Jacob Perkins was driving down I-90 in Waterloo, New York, just hours after going on leave on July 22, it didn't take long for him to jump back into action. read more »