July 2016

Troubled sleep is common for veterans.

7/26/2016 - Researchers: Sleep disorder management needed for veterans

A recent study found many veterans face sleep disorders, and that they may be linked to other ailments. read more »

First responders are learning to deal with mental strain in their communities - and within their own ranks.

7/26/2016 - First responders at risk of PTSD

First responders are learning to fight back against mental trauma, both in their own ranks and among those they are called to assist. read more »

The transport and logistics field may be a great landing place for returning veterans.

7/25/2016 - Veterans finding civilian roles in the trucking industry

Some industries, such as transport and logistics, are making a direct play for veterans to join their ranks. read more »

Here are some recent examples of events that let first responders know their efforts are appreciated.

7/22/2016 - News roundup: Events to recognize first responders

Here are three recent stories from different parts of the country about efforts to recognize first responders' efforts. read more »

Events around the country are helping veterans who have become homeless.

7/22/2016 - Aid event for homeless veterans rings in 29th year

Serving as a model for newer aid programs, Stand Down for Homeless Veterans has been helping for 29 years. read more »

First responders give so much to their communities - you can thank them for this in several ways.

7/20/2016 - 6 ways to thank first responders in your community

It's always a good time to thank the first responders in your community. Here are six ways to do this. read more »

Caring for parrots is a new form of PTSD treatment that is working for some veterans.

7/19/2016 - Parrots proving to be effective therapy animals for veterans

Many new efforts are being launched to counter PTSD - therapy that includes caring for parrots is the focus of one such program. read more »

Arizona nonprofit starts Veterans Directory

7/19/2016 - Arizona nonprofit starts Veterans Directory

When veterans fall on hard times, there are often many ways in which they can get help. read more »

New bills have been signed into law to help military members and veterans in small but significant ways.

7/15/2016 - New state laws go on the books to help veterans, military personnel

Recent laws with very specific purposes have been designed to help military personnel. read more »

Veterans going back to school can receive help from organizations and personnel dedicated to their cause.

7/14/2016 - Schools now understand the value of veteran education

College can be a big help for veterans re-integrating into civilian life. Dedicated programs and personnel can make this process smoother. read more »

Trump pushes privatizing veteran care, VA overhaul

7/13/2016 - Trump pushes privatizing veteran care, VA overhaul

Now that the presidential race has been whittled down to two candidates, there's a lot more focus put on the issues that each will try to address if they are elected. read more »

Job fairs and occupational training are available for veterans.

7/13/2016 - US Chamber of Commerce launches veterans job fairs

Employment can be a make-or-break element of a veteran's life. Some organizations are seeking to make the job search easier. read more »

Joining community groups can help veterans reconnect with civilian life.

7/12/2016 - Program to help veterans re-acclimate reaches Florida

Groups can help veterans re-join the civilian world, encouraging contact and communication. read more »

Women who have served must feel welcome as veterans - the VA is taking steps to make this true.

7/11/2016 - VA aiming to be inclusive of female veterans

The VA is making an effort to be welcoming to female veterans. read more »

Veterans still face stunning suicide rate, VA moves to address it

7/11/2016 - Veterans still face stunning suicide rate, VA moves to address it

It's a well-known fact that millions of veterans struggle with some of the scars of service, both visible and otherwise. read more »

A hockey league for wounded veterans has sprung up in Michigan.

7/8/2016 - Sports and games help veterans on the home front

Sometimes, sports will help veterans re-integrate with civilian life. read more »

Text-based counseling is helping veterans facing crises.

7/7/2016 - Text service is lifeline for veterans in need

Increasing numbers of veterans are finding solace in a crisis line that could save lives through timely counseling. read more »

The VA is ready to fight disease at a cellular level with its new anti-cancer program.

7/7/2016 - VA playing key role in anti-cancer initiative

A powerful new initiative designed to battle cancer by all means available will soon affect VA hospitals. read more »

Boost your cloud security

7/5/2016 - Boost your cloud security

The idea of "cloud security" might sound to average individuals like something they don't have to worry about on their own. read more »