July 2012

7/31/2012 - Rand study: Lowering military pay raises not bad idea

A recent report from the Rand Corporation suggests that now is a good time to lower military pay raises. read more »

7/30/2012 - In wake of Colorado shooting, first responders ramp up training

In the aftermath of the shooting in a Colorado theater that left 12 dead and 58 wounded, first responders across the country are training to make sure they're ready for such an event. read more »

7/30/2012 - College basketball game set to be played on amphibious assault ship

Last year North Carolina and Michigan State made history when the two teams played the first basketball game ever aboard an aircraft carrier, and the military and NCAA are teaming up once again this year. read more »

7/30/2012 - Man donates $1.1M to vets' cause

Although many people who make significant contributions to veterans have a military background, such was not the case for Phillip Green. read more »

7/30/2012 - Capital One pays out $12 million to wronged service members

Thousands of service members received a $12 million payout from Capital One on Thursday as an apology for violating a key provision of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. read more »

7/30/2012 - Panetta: Sequestration could result in 100K troop cut

The threat of sequestration, the name applied to across-the-board budget cuts, has had many lawmakers concerned about what could happen to the Armed Forces. read more »

7/27/2012 - Program aims to offer easy voting to wounded vets

As election day approaches, a federally-sponsored program aimed at helping wounded veterans vote more easily is moving forward. read more »

7/27/2012 - Obama to VFW: Your benefits are secure

There has been concern among veterans that the impending threat of sequestration, the name applied to across-the-board budget cuts, would reduce their benefits. read more »

7/27/2012 - North Carolina the latest state to help military spouses find work

More and more states are making it easier for military spouses to find employment, and North Carolina is the latest to jump on the trend. read more »

7/26/2012 - Soldiers make trip to compete in Summer Olympics

As countries around the world get ready for the Summer Olympics in London, some of the athletes on Team U.S.A. are familiar with representing their country - albeit in a different capacity. read more »

7/26/2012 - Body fat requirement becomes stricter for young Army recruits

The Army is home to some of the fittest men and women in the world, but the branch recently made its body fat standards even stricter. read more »

7/25/2012 - Social workers trained to help military families

Providing better mental health treatment to active duty troops and veterans has been a priority for the White House, and Dr. Jill Biden recently announced another program aimed toward that goal. read more »

7/25/2012 - Pentagon releases mobile app to help military families

Mobile apps have made life easier for servicemembers, and now a new program is aimed at helping military families. read more »

7/25/2012 - Obama promises online medals database

After a recent Supreme Court decision thrust the issue of forging military medals into the spotlight, President Barack Obama announced on Monday the Department of Defense (DoD) will launch a website aimed at preventing the practice. read more »

7/24/2012 - New TAP aimed to easing soldiers re-entry

Transitioning from a combat role to civilian life is difficult for many soldiers, but President Barack Obama on Monday announced plans to make it a little smoother. read more »

7/23/2012 - First responders praised for work in Colorado tragedy

Amid the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Auroa, Colorado, that killed 12 and wounded dozens more, a picture is beginning to emerge of the valiant work done by first responders in the small Denver suburb. read more »

7/23/2012 - VA puts $100 million toward ending vet homelessness

Ending homelessness among veterans is one of the most ambitious goals of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the organization recently took a large step forward in accomplishing it. read more »

7/23/2012 - House passes defense authorization bill, rejects TRICARE fee

There had been some concern over whether there would be a new enrollment fee for TRICARE for Life beneficiaries, but older veterans need not worry. read more »

7/20/2012 - Congressman displeased with VA backlogs

The Department of Veterans affairs had some good news yesterday when it revealed the number of people signing up for its online service was ahead of expectations, but the victory was short-lived. read more »

7/20/2012 - Not so fast: Military can still sponsor NASCAR

Last week it seemed like the military was going to end its longtime sponsorship of sports leagues such as NASCAR, but it appears as though that's no longer the case. read more »

7/19/2012 - VA benefits website proves popular

In an effort to give servicemembers easier access to their benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) turned to the internet, and the move seems to have paid off. read more »

7/19/2012 - Military officials: Alternative fuels key to national security

There's been a considerable push for the Armed Forces to use alternative fuels, and while part of the reason has been a focus on being environmentally-friendly, there could be a bigger reason for the campaign. read more »

7/18/2012 - Virginia laws make life easier for first responders

A series of laws in Virginia recently took effect and they could make life a bit easier for first responders. read more »

7/18/2012 - Financial benefits available to military families

Few members of the population sacrifice more than military families. Not only do they often live for months at a time without a loved one, but they have to live day to day unsure of whether he or she will make it home unharmed. read more »

7/17/2012 - Lawmakers look to cut defense spending, American people agree

Defense spending has been a point of contention for many legislators in Washington, but a recent survey clearly shows how Americans feel about the issue. read more »

7/17/2012 - Navy releases plan to cut energy consumption

The use of biofuels for the Navy's fleet may have met some obstacles, but officials believe they still have a way to cut energy consumption considerably by the end of the decade. read more »

7/17/2012 - U.S. men's team puts on show for military families

The buzz surrounding the U.S. men's basketball team headed to London for the Summer Olympics has been hard to miss, and some military families recently got a front row preview of the talented squad. read more »

7/16/2012 - Institute of Medicine recommends more follow-ups for PTSD patients

It's no secret that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the greatest health issues facing servicemembers and their families. read more »

7/13/2012 - Army no longer sponsoring NASCAR

Auto racing fans who are used to seeing the Army's logo around the track may be in for a surprise. read more »

7/13/2012 - Injured Air Force doctor comes to the rescue

When Air Force doctor Jeremy Kilburn broke his leg while hiking, he never could have envisioned that he would be the one saving the day. read more »

7/12/2012 - Colorado camp offers military families a chance to reconnect

Life for military families during deployment can be tough, but when one member of the family returns home, the challenges are not over. read more »

7/11/2012 - Pentagon mulls creation of medals database

In the wake of a Supreme Court decision striking down a law that made it a crime to lie about receiving military medals, the Pentagon is considering creating a database to reduce the number of spurious claims. read more »

7/11/2012 - Volunteers honor fallen by cleaning up Arlington

People pay tribute to America's fallen soldiers in a variety of different ways, and a group of volunteers recently did so in unique fashion. read more »

7/10/2012 - COLA bill moves through Congress

With uncertainty surrounding the Pentagon budget, many veterans may be unsure of what will happen to their benefits. read more »

7/10/2012 - Horse therapy an effective treatment for some injured soldiers

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have come to the forefront over the last decade after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a unique program in Virginia may have found a way to help treat the condition. read more »

7/9/2012 - Troops would delay retirement benefits for pay raise, study shows

Amid discussions of cutting Pentagon spending there have been talks about changes to retirement pay, and the results of a recent survey suggest troops may be okay with it - under one condition. read more »

7/9/2012 - Lewis-McChord firefighters head to Fort Carson

Firefighters and first responders from across Colorado have been battling wildfires for well over a week, and now they're getting help from some out-of-state servicemembers. read more »

7/6/2012 - Unemployment falls for Iraq, Afghanistan vets

Recently-released job statistics showed no changes to the overall high unemployment rate across the nation , but the news was a bit better for the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. read more »

7/6/2012 - Obamas welcome military families to White House

Fourth of July celebrations across the country celebrated both the nation's history and its brave servicemembers, and one particularly high-profile event paid tribute to military families. read more »

7/5/2012 - Navy works to improve health, quality of its food

Of all the things the Navy is known for, food is certainly not one of them. read more »

7/4/2012 - Many military families among those affected by Colorado fires

With a number of military installations including Fort Carson and Peterson Air Force Base, the Colorado Springs area is home to many military families. read more »

7/3/2012 - Iraq vet uses opera to cope with stress

Soldiers who come back from war often face a number of obstacles, and one vet found a unique way to overcome them. read more »

7/3/2012 - Iraq, Afghanistan vets honored at Iowa parade

Troops have been back from Iraq for more than six months and the drawdown in Afghanistan is already underway. To mark the occasion, thousands of Iowa residents recently turned out to pay tribute to America's veterans, both young and old. read more »

7/2/2012 - Army platform lets leaders distribute apps

In an effort to take advantage of the seemingly unlimited capabilities of smartphones and tablets, the Army recently designed a program that lets commanders send mission-specific apps and data directly to the devices. read more »

7/2/2012 - Boston's Navy Week marks War of 1812 bicentennial

The Fourth of July brings about patriotism in all corners of the country, but this year's celebration in Boston may be a bit more significant. read more »