June 2013

Bike rides help honor servicemembers' sacrifice

6/28/2013 - Cycling events help honor troops ahead of July Fourth

The Freedom Bike Ride has become one of the most unique ways for civilians, servicemembers and veterans to honor fallen troops, and the third annual event recently kicked off at one of the most solemn areas in the U.S. About 25 cyclists began their five-day journey June 25 at Arlington National Cemetery. read more »

Tiger Woods-hosted golf tournament honors wounded warriors

6/27/2013 - Tiger Woods-hosted golf tournament honors wounded warriors

Although much attention is paid to the world class golfers participating in this week's AT&T National Golf Tournament, the day before the pros teed off, the focus was on another group in attendance. read more »

Army to cut at least 12 brigades

6/27/2013 - A dozen Army brigades to be cut

As the Armed Forces winds down operations in Afghanistan, there are significant changes on the horizon. read more »

Supreme Court strikes down DOMA

6/26/2013 - Supreme Court ruling hailed as victory for gay troops

Beginning with the repeal of don't ask don't tell in 2011, gay and lesbian servicemembers have marked significant milestones in the last several years, and on Wednesday they celebrated another victory. read more »

GI Bill policy changes to take hold August 1

6/26/2013 - GI Bill policy change to take hold August 1

Although many veterans choose to use their GI Bill benefits for themselves, others decide to transfer them to their family members. However, those who plan on taking this route will soon see changes in the military's policy. read more »

Holiday honoring first responders in the works

6/25/2013 - Congressman leads charge for holiday honoring first responders

Whether they are responding to a fire or leaping into action at a car accident, first responders put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Yet despite this selfless dedication to their job, their bravery often goes unrecognized, and one Massachusetts legislator is hoping to change that. read more »

Army launches joint initiative on PTSD, TBI

6/24/2013 - Army launches joint initiative to address PTSD, TBI

Communities around the U.S. recognized June 22 as National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Day, but one of the most important observances was on the steps in front of the Capitol Building. read more »

VA makes progress in tackling backlog

6/21/2013 - VA makes progress on addressing backlog issue

The lengthy claims backlog is arguably the biggest problem facing the Department of Veterans Affairs. Under pressure from Congress, the White House and veterans advocates, the department has taken significant steps to cut into the significant delays facing veterans looking for help with disabilities. read more »

Google continues push to help vets land jobs

6/21/2013 - Google continues push to help vets land jobs

Much of the focus on helping servicemember find jobs after leaving the military has been placed on connecting them to potential employment opportunities. read more »

Wounded Warrior becomes Army doctor

6/20/2013 - Wounded warrior returns to service as Army doctor

It's not unusual to see wounded warriors go on to do great things after they've recovered from their injuries. Some eventually compete in the Paralympic Games while others even return to active duty. read more »

Colleges take steps to accommodate veteran students

6/20/2013 - Schools adapt to influx of veteran students

Many troops make a point to enroll in college after separating from service. And why wouldn't they? The Post-9/11 GI Bill offers considerable tuition assistance, and earning a degree can make it that much easier for them to find a civilian job. read more »

Marine Bowl headed to Navy's home stadium

6/19/2013 - Military Bowl set to be played at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium

The military and college football have a strong relationship that dates back decades. Whether it's the annual Army-Navy game or the presentation of the Commander-in-Chief Trophy, the Armed Forces and football are inextricably linked. read more »

Military plans to open up combat roles to female troops

6/19/2013 - Military unveils plans to open up new jobs to female troops

The role of women in the military has changed considerably in recent years. Previously, female troops were officially not allowed to serve in combat roles, but as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan proved that the line between these roles was very blurry, it became readily apparent a change had to be made. read more »

Legislation designed to attract veterans to Indiana colleges

6/18/2013 - Legislation designed to attract veterans to Indiana colleges

After leaving the military, many veterans may have a desire to continue their schooling at the collegiate level. read more »

Wildfire first responders get free meals

6/18/2013 - Colorado restaurants, supermarkets team up to feed first responders

Wildfires have been plaguing the Black Forest area of Colorado for more than a week, and first responders have been working around the clock to combat the blaze. read more »

Yoga helps servicemembers recover from mental, physical wounds

6/17/2013 - Yoga helps troops recover from mental, physical wounds

There's no denying that wounded warriors face a long list of challenges during recovery. Whether they're experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or adapting to a new life with a disability, the transition is never easy, and veterans often have to find unique ways to meet these challenges. read more »

ACE program could help troops become personal trainers

6/17/2013 - ACE launches scholarship program to help servicemember?s find jobs

Servicemembers are some of the most physically fit people in the world, so as the military looks for ways to combat unemployment, it should come as no surprise that many vets are looking to put their experience staying in shape to good use. read more »

National Guard, Reserves help battle Colorado forest fires

6/17/2013 - National Guard, Reserves help battle flames in Colorado

The western U.S. is no stranger to wildfires, but this year is shaping up to be one of the worst in recent memory. Colorado is already experiencing intense blazes raging outside of Colorado Springs, and as first responders rush to get the fires under control, the military is lending a hand. read more »

Army celebrates its 238th birthday on Flag Day

6/14/2013 - Military celebrates Army's 238th birthday

June 14 is recognized as Flag Day, but it is also marks the anniversary of the Army's creation, and this year marks the branch's 238th birthday.  read more »

White House responds to House's military budget

6/13/2013 - White House responds to new bill in Congress

Congress and the White House are often at odds with one another, and it is no different when it comes to the proposed military budget. This was certainly the case recently when the House Armed Services Committee released its proposed 2014 budget. read more »

DOD's Transition GPS helps vets move to civilian life

6/13/2013 - DOD's Transition GPS aims to ease transition for servicemembers

Transitioning from the military to civilian life can certainly be a challenge. Many servicemembers struggle with adjusting to the different lifestyle, but a new program from the Department of Defense aims to make it easier for troops to find employment opportunities, return to school or start a business. read more »

Tuition bill met with pushback from schools

6/12/2013 - Changes to GI Bill met with pushback from schools

Many servicemembers make use of the GI Bill to help them achieve their educational goals after leaving the military. In fact, nearly 500,000 people took advantage of this popular benefit in 2012, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. read more »

Naval Academy graduate works toward spot in the NFL

6/11/2013 - Naval Academy graduate works toward spot in the NFL

There's no denying that servicemembers are among the most physically fit people in the world, but do their skills translate to the football field? read more »

Unemployment rate for young vets falls in May

6/10/2013 - Unemployment rate for young vets drops again in May

As the economy continues to improve and a number of programs begin to take hold, the unemployment rate among post-9/11 veterans has been steadily dropping in recent months, and that trend continued in May. read more »

College basketball coming to an Army base once again in 2013

6/10/2013 - Georgetown, Oregon slated for the Armed Forces Classic in November

Over the last several years, the military and college basketball have become more intertwined. In 2011, for instance, North Carolina and Michigan State played on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson, and last fall Michigan State and the University of Connecticut took to the court at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. read more »

Could there be a way to prevent PTSD?

6/10/2013 - Could there be a way to prevent PTSD?

After more than a decade of war, it's become readily apparent that post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most pressing issues facing servicemembers upon their return home from the battlefield. read more »

American Red Cross aims to hire more veterans

6/7/2013 - American Red Cross aims to hire more veterans

As servicemembers prepare for their transition from serving their country to civilian life, financial planning may be on their mind. read more »

Bill protecting veterans' benefits moves through House

6/6/2013 - Bill protecting veterans' benefits moves through House

Among the biggest concerns related to cuts from sequestration were fears that veteran benefits could be slashed in the process. These vital services, which include healthcare, are often viewed as some of the most important programs offered by the government. read more »

Obama announces new mental health summits

6/5/2013 - Obama announces mental health summits for the summer

Addressing mental health issues is one of the greatest challenges facing the military community, and President Barack Obama recently announced his latest attempt to meet those concerns. read more »

Bank donates foreclosed homes to veterans

6/4/2013 - Georgia military families receive donated houses

Finding affordable housing can sometimes be a struggle for military families. Factors such as unemployment, financial stress and injuries can make it especially difficult, but five families in Georgia recently got the surprise of a lifetime. read more »

Proposed legislation would end time limit on using GI Bill

6/3/2013 - Connecticut Senator proposes legislation that removes time limit on education benefits

Assistance with tuition costs is one of the most important benefits afforded to veterans. Aside from helping them transition to civilian life, heading back to school after separating from service can lend a hand in their finding employment. read more »