June 2012

6/29/2012 - Legislation aims to provide military benefits for same sex couples

Although Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed in 2010, same sex military families still face some challenges. read more »

6/29/2012 - Joplin first responders hope others can learn from them

The one-year anniversary of the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, has come and gone, but communities are still learning lessons from the storm. read more »

6/29/2012 - Supreme Court ruling has no impact on TRICARE benefits

The recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has ramifications for many Americans, but any servicemembers concerned that it will impact their benefits need not worry. read more »

6/29/2012 - Report highlights importance of mental health awareness

Some of the most substantial wounds felt by servicemembers and their families are not visible to the naked eye, and a new report from the National Alliance on Mental Illness urges the government to do more to address the issue. read more »

6/28/2012 - Veteran Support Fund sets ambitious goal

Returning veterans often face significant physical and psychological challenges upon returning home from combat, and a group of families recently launched an initiative to ensure they get the attention they need. read more »

6/28/2012 - Congress, Pentagon aim to protect military families from bad loans

Military families are some of the biggest targets for predatory lending practices, and the Pentagon and Congress have inched closer to making sure that's no longer the case. read more »

6/28/2012 - Deaths caused by IEDs on the decline

The number of attacks involving improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Afghanistan has been on the rise over the last several months, but the number of deaths caused by them is on its way down. read more »

6/27/2012 - Michelle Obama touts success for military spouses

For spouses of military personnel, having to move frequently is usually a given. Though it's part of the job, it can sometimes make finding employment difficult, especially for spouses who have special job certifications only in certain states. read more »

6/27/2012 - Six months late, San Diego military families celebrate Christmas

Sometimes the most difficult part of having a loved one serving overseas is missing them for holidays and other special occasions. read more »

6/26/2012 - Military helps fight Colorado forest fire

Since it began on June 23, the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado has forced thousands from their homes and has proven to be a significant challenge for firefighters and first responders in the Centennial State. read more »

6/26/2012 - Talking to kids before deployment

There's no way around it, deployment is tough on military families. Being separated from loved ones is always difficult, but when they are put in harm's way, the stress is magnified even more. read more »

6/25/2012 - Maine first responders get trained for zombie apocalypse

First responders in Maine recently trained for a most bizarre scenario. read more »

6/25/2012 - Citi, CredAbility offer financial tips for military families

Given the significant emotional stress endured by family members who have a loved one serving abroad, it can sometimes be easy for military families to overlook financial matters. read more »

6/22/2012 - Report calls for increased pay for younger troops

The youngest troops often face some of the most dangerous situations during deployment, and a new report suggests they should be compensated for them. read more »

6/22/2012 - Silver Star given to pair of Army soldiers

A pair of Army soldiers who served in Afghanistan were recently honored for their bravery overseas read more »

6/21/2012 - Military families charity Operation Homefront makes changes

Operation Homefront, one of the leading organizations dedicated to supporting military families, is getting ready to restructure in an effort to be more effective. read more »

6/21/2012 - Soldier honored for work supporting military families

Not only has Shane Hudella served in the Armed Forces for 23 years, but his commitment to supporting military families is hard to match. read more »

6/20/2012 - Company unveils groundbreaking UAS for first responders

The Texas-based company Olaeris unveiled its latest advancement on Tuesday, and it could change the way first responders do their job. read more »

6/20/2012 - Managing a military family reunion

Welcoming a loved one home from deployment is one of the most eagerly-awaited moments for members of a military family. While reunions can be exciting and emotional, sometimes they are fraught with difficulty. read more »

6/19/2012 - New plan calls for 13,500 troops in Kuwait

Although the United States has been out of Iraq for several months, military officials are still planning to maintain a presence in the area. read more »

6/18/2012 - First women serving in submarines experience few problems

It has been six months since the Navy removed one of its final gender barriers and allowed women on submarines, and the transition has been smooth. read more »

6/18/2012 - Biden honors military families, servicembers at high school graduation

Days after his wife paid tribute to military families by publishing a book, Vice President Joe Biden did the same at a Virginia Beach high school. read more »

6/15/2012 - MLB helps military families reunite

For the children of military families, welcoming home a parent from deployment is one of the most anticipated days of the year. But what if it comes as a complete surprise? read more »

6/15/2012 - For first time, DoD to recognize gay pride month

It was not long ago that gay and lesbian troops could not openly serve in the military, but in the last six months things have taken a dramatic turn. read more »

6/14/2012 - Housing for military families completed in Pennsylvania

Earlier this week military leaders and homebuilders marked success five years in the making. read more »

6/14/2012 - Back-to-School Brigade supports military children

The school year just ended, but Operation Homefront is already getting ready for next fall. read more »

6/14/2012 - Poll finds public holds great respect for vets

Results of a new survey show how valued today's newest veterans are, but also highlights how misunderstood their experience is. read more »

6/14/2012 - NIOSH adds cancers to 9/11 first responders bill

Although Congress passed a bill in late 2010 that created a multi-billion dollar fund to treat 9/11 first responders, certain cancers were not covered by the legislation. read more »

6/13/2012 - Groundbreaking set for TBI research facility

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are two of the most significant, but relatively mysterious, medical conditions facing the military. read more »

6/13/2012 - Wounded warrior headed to Summer Paralympics

After losing his right leg in Iraq nine years ago, Army Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Olson continued to serve in the military as a shooting instructor. read more »

6/12/2012 - Plan financially for deployment

There are many uncertainties that come with military deployment, but perhaps the most crucial element for families to plan for is the way finances will be managed when a loved one is overseas. read more »

6/12/2012 - Wounded warriors repair cars as therapy

Wounded warriors often face a long road to recovery, but a unique therapy program in San Antonio, Texas, is helping make things a little easier. read more »

6/11/2012 - Smartphone app helps sailors stay physically fit

A new smartphone app released by the Navy is getting rave reviews from sailors. The program is aimed at helping sailors stay in shape by providing them everything from workouts to meal plans. read more »

6/11/2012 - Jill Biden publishes new children's book with granddaughter

Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, knows firsthand the struggles of military families. read more »

6/8/2012 - Arlington cemetery smartphone app on the way

An innovative new smartphone app will make navigating Arlington National Cemetery a bit easier. read more »

6/8/2012 - VA vows to create streamlined disability benefits system

Eric Shineski, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, recently announced an ambitious goal. By 2015, he hopes to have every veterans disability claim processed within 125 days at 98 percent accuracy. read more »

6/7/2012 - Vets, historians mark D-Day anniversary

Wednesday marked the 68th anniversary of D-Day, and hundreds of people turned up at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans to mark the occasion. read more »

6/7/2012 - Making the move easier for military families

One of the most stressful aspects of being in a military family is having to move on a regular basis. read more »

6/6/2012 - Army program uses filmmaking to treat PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most significant health issues facing veterans, and the Army recently launched a program that offers a unique treatment method. read more »

6/5/2012 - New Jersey-based group honors high school grads entering service

Young men and women who enter service academies or college ROTC programs after high school generally get a ceremony honoring their service. read more »

6/5/2012 - Retired military working dog up for big honor

The bravest men and women in the military earn distinctions for their heroic actions, and the same is true for service dogs. read more »

6/4/2012 - Vietnam opens up areas to U.S. search for missing soldiers

As the Department of Defense looks to expand its role in the South Pacific, the United States and Vietnam have come to a tentative agreement that could allow for the search of the remains of several soldiers who have been missing for decades. read more »

6/4/2012 - AFBA Career Center the latest effort to curb veteran unemployment

The recent economic struggles are well-documented, and military families have been some of the hardest hit by sluggish job growth. read more »

6/1/2012 - WTC first responders honored at mid-week ceremony

Wednesday marked the 10th anniversary of the completion of the cleanup of the World Trade Center site, and in recognition of the milestone the 9/11 Memorial in New York City honored recovery workers and first responders. read more »

6/1/2012 - Obama announces new veteran jobs programs

President Barack Obama has made providing job opportunities to veterans a priority, and on Friday he announced a trio of new programs aimed at helping thousands of servicemembers. read more »