June 2011

6/30/2011 - Five bills make it through Senate committee

Five bills were approved by the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee recently, paving the way for a group of legislation aiming to make life easier for service members returning home. read more »

6/29/2011 - New York vet makes impressive catch at Yankees game

A wounded veteran from Throop, New York, became an internet sensation over the weekend thanks to a well-placed foul ball. read more »

6/28/2011 - Dogs may have positive effect on PTSD patients

They say dogs are man's best friends, and that is proving to be true for some wounded soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. read more »

6/28/2011 - Party City announces partnership with Hike for Heroes campaign

Party City, one of the country's most popular party supplies stores, recently formed a partnership with an Iraq War veteran to raise money for military families in need. read more »

6/27/2011 - Army launches new campaign to educate about concussions

The Army has launched a new campaign that aims to educate active-duty soldiers about concussions and the dangers they pose, according to MilitaryTimes.com. read more »

6/27/2011 - Active-duty soldiers to march in San Diego gay pride parade

For the first time in history, active-duty members of the U.S. military will march in San Diego's gay pride parade, which is slated to take place on July 16. read more »

6/24/2011 - New Jersey beaches allow free admission for military families

New Jersey governor Chris Christie recently signed a bill into law that would make it possible for military families to get free access to beaches across the Garden State. read more »

6/23/2011 - Leon Panetta unanimously approved by the Senate

The Senate unanimously approved Leon Panetta as the next Secretary of Defense on Tuesday, setting the stage for a smooth transition. Panetta will take over for Robert Gates, who is retiring on June 30. read more »

6/22/2011 - Obama to announce plan for Afghanistan withdrawal

With public pressure for a withdrawal from Afghanistan mounting, President Barack Obama is expected to address the nation Wednesday night about how and when the troops will be coming home. read more »

6/21/2011 - Military boxers hoping to qualify for the Olympics

Although soldiers are best known for their performance on the battlefield, there are some service members turning heads inside the boxing ring as well. read more »

6/21/2011 - Planning NCAA basketball game aboard carrier is no small task

Michigan State and North Carolina are set to play the first-ever college basketball game on an aircraft carrier when they tip off on the USS Carl Vinson later this year, but the task is turning out to be a difficult one. read more »

6/20/2011 - WWII vet recounts heroic actions

Mort Salk served the United States for 54 years, and one of his closest friends believes he still has yet to earn his due praise. read more »

6/20/2011 - Pennsylvania quadruplets join the National Guard

Having quadruplets is rare enough as it is, but having all four go into the same field is almost unheard of. read more »

6/20/2011 - Location of proposed Army museum approved

Soon after the Army's 236th anniversary last week, plans were put in motion for the construction of the National Museum of the U.S. Army. read more »

6/17/2011 - Maine, New Hampshire Senators push for shipyard upgrades

Four northeastern Senators are aiming to acquire much-needed upgrades for the United States' four public shipyards. read more »

6/17/2011 - Robert Gates makes recommendation for next Chief of Naval Operations

Defense secretary Robert Gates recently recommended Adm. Jonathan Greenert as the next Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), and sources say it's very likely he will be approved by the Senate. read more »

6/17/2011 - Stateside weather squadron helps troops overseas

While the average weatherman on local news has a lot of pressure to get the forecast right, the stakes are much higher for prognosticators in the Armed Forces. read more »

6/17/2011 - Army Homefront Fund launched to help wounded vets

Army officials signaled the launch of a new initiative recently that aims to assist wounded veterans in a number of different ways. read more »

6/17/2011 - President Obama hosts military dads and kids in advance of Father’s Day

With less than a week until Father’s Day, President Obama recently hosted military dads and their children at the White House. read more »

6/16/2011 - Vets volunteer for disaster relief

A group of veterans has been working together to help communities around the world rebuild after natural disasters. read more »

6/16/2011 - Army medics get mass casualty training in Iraq

Although it may be impossible to know exactly what type of injuries medics will face in the field, a group at Contingency Operating Base Warhorse in Iraq recently underwent training to help them be prepared for anything. read more »

6/15/2011 - Iowa family contends with pair of war injuries

Few people know more about being in a military family than Whitney Ennor. read more »

6/15/2011 - Congress moves forward with boosting veterans benefits

Though members of Congress are trying to find ways to cut the budget, they are attempting to do so while boosting benefits for veterans. read more »

6/15/2011 - Smartphones increase spread of tactical information among soldiers

It turns out smartphones can come in handy for much more than just surfing the internet. read more »

6/14/2011 - Bill will make it easier for first responders to communicate

First responders should have all the tools necessary to perform their job quickly and efficiently, and a proposed new bill will help make this the case. read more »

6/14/2011 - Two Marines set to receive Navy Cross on Friday

Two Marines who survived an intense firefight in 2009 are set to receive the second-highest award for valor. read more »

6/14/2011 - Army uniform gets several changes

Army soldiers are getting an upgrade to their equipment, and it has nothing to do with firepower. read more »

6/13/2011 - Apply early for caregiver benefits, VA says

A new benefits program offered by the Veterans Affairs Department for caregivers of severely wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans recently launched, and officials are encouraging them to apply as early as possible. read more »

6/13/2011 - Military project places emphasis on disaster readiness

From the Japanese earthquake to the tornadoes that struck Joplin, Missouri, this year has shown that natural disasters can strike any place at any time. read more »

6/10/2011 - Louisiana National Guard helping rebuild in Haiti

After Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in the winter of 2010, the world leaped into action. read more »

6/10/2011 - Michelle Obama spreads Joining Forces message on Nickelodeon show

In an effort to further support military families across the country, First Lady Michelle Obama will be reaching out to kids. read more »

6/10/2011 - Famous Air Force unit earns inaugural Doolittle Award

The Air Force Historical Foundation (AFHF) Doolittle Award was created with one idea in mind: honoring the history of some of the Air Force's most storied units. read more »

6/9/2011 - Battle of Okinawa commemorated in photo exhibit

The Battle of Okinawa was one of the most crucial moments in the Pacific Theater of World War II, and a new exhibit paying tribute to the soldiers who fought there is set to go on display in Japan. read more »

6/9/2011 - Hawaii company to begin construction on new POW/MIA lab

Families of POW and MIA soldiers from past wars may never find closure if the whereabouts of their loved ones are never determined. read more »

6/9/2011 - Study: Men, women react the same way to combat

Results of a new study indicate that men and women are affected equally by the stresses of combat. read more »

6/8/2011 - Female veterans come together at Indiana conference

Around 75 female veterans both young and old recently flocked to the University of Evansville's Ridgeway University Center for the Honoring Women Veterans Conference. read more »

6/8/2011 - White House pledges Afghanistan withdrawal to begin in July

As pressure mounts to withdraw troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible, the White House announced recently that President Obama is staying firm by his commitment to start a draw down beginning in July. read more »

6/8/2011 - Quick thinking airmen save soldier from gas fire

A soldier's life was saved at the Kandahar Airfield recently thanks to some quick thinking and heroic actions by a pair of airmen. read more »

6/7/2011 - Air Force makes good use of biofuels

There has been a big push for alternative fuels when it comes to cars and other vehicles, but the Air Force is doing its part to go green as well. read more »

6/7/2011 - Paratroopers mark 67th anniversary of D-Day

Monday marked the 67th anniversary of D-Day, one of the most important events in World War II. read more »

6/6/2011 - North Carolina woman goes above and beyond for military families

Bianca Strzalkowski knows the struggles that military families go through, so it's no surprise she wants to help out others who share the same difficulties. read more »

6/6/2011 - Illinois woman ready to return POW bracelet to soldier's family

Ever since she was 11-years-old, Lisa Hamblen has worn a metal prisoner of war bracelet honoring a soldier she thought never returned home from the Vietnam War. read more »

6/6/2011 - Ribbon cutting ceremony kicks off construction of National Armor and Cavalry Museum

The wheels are in motion for the construction of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum near Fort Benning, Georgia. read more »

6/3/2011 - Army chaplains given memorial at Fort Jackson

Army officials recently paid tribute to the hundreds of chaplains who have fallen in the line of duty. read more »

6/3/2011 - Belgian woman, Kentucky family share ties to fallen soldier

A unique bond between the family of a World War II soldier and a 28-year-old woman from Belgium recently came full circle. read more »

6/3/2011 - Marine vet set to receive Silver Star after 60 years

A Marine veteran recently was notified that he is to receive the Silver Star - 60 years after his heroic actions. read more »

6/2/2011 - Obama asked to label Fort Monroe as national monument

When the Army leaves Fort Monroe in September, many people in the United States hope its contributions to the military will not be forgotten. read more »

6/2/2011 - ROTC membership on the rise

After years of decline, membership in the ROTC has been making a comeback on college campuses in recent years. read more »

6/2/2011 - Army Ranger to be awarded Medal of Honor

An Army Ranger who lost his hand during combat in Afghanistan is set to receive the Medal of Honor later this summer. read more »

6/1/2011 - Michigan bill offers new way to honor fallen soldiers

New legislation in Michigan may make it a little easier for family members of fallen soldiers who are looking for ways to honor their loved ones. read more »

6/1/2011 - North Carolina public schools offer live stream of graduations for military

As graduation season approaches for high schools across the country, one state in particular is doing its part to help out family members overseas. read more »

6/1/2011 - Sesame Street reaches out to military families

The children of servicemen and women often face difficulties. From having to move homes often to the potential for the injury or death of a parent, the uncertainty can certainly be tough. read more »

6/1/2011 - South Carolina soldiers help octogenarian with humanitarian project

Eighty-year-old Ray Suarez certainly has his hands full. The Tillman, South Carolina, resident has taken to adopting abandoned dogs and currently has 53 canines roaming his 100-acre property. read more »

6/1/2011 - Family sees four daughters graduate from the Air Force Academy

When twins Alicia and Amanda Robillard graduated from the Air Force Academy earlier this month, they helped their family achieve a pretty noteworthy distinction. read more »

6/1/2011 - Warrant officer saved by bike helmet

One would assume that being in the Armed Forces entails a certain degree of danger, but one of its members ran into a snag in a very unexpected place read more »

6/1/2011 - Korean War POW laid to rest after 60 years

After 60 years, a Korean War POW was finally laid to rest with full military honors in his native Illinois. read more »