May 2012

5/31/2012 - In speech, DoD official stands behind fee hikes

With the United States looking to cut costs in its federal budget, one of the most controversial proposals has been fee hikes to some TRICARE customers. read more »

5/31/2012 - Military families volunteer more than general population

Simply by volunteering for the Armed Forces, servicemembers establish themselves as some of the most civic-minded citizens in the United States, so it should come as no surprise that their family members are the same. read more »

5/31/2012 - Panetta discusses changing military role at USNA graduation

Nearly 1,100 midshipmen graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy on Tuesday, and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta hinted at the changing role for the branch during his address. read more »

5/30/2012 - Massachusetts boy donates Disney trip to military family

Inspired by a man who turned a red paper clip into a new house through a series of trades, a young Massachusetts boy set out to do much the same thing, but he wasn't doing it for himself. read more »

5/30/2012 - To reduce size, Marine Corps will offer early retirement

The Marine Corps has been tasked with reducing its troop levels over the next four years and as a result it is prepared to offer early retirement with full benefits to some servicemembers. read more »

5/29/2012 - For-profit schools trying to recruit military spouses

Military spouses may not have had the opportunity to continue their education, as some may have had to move soon after graduating high school. read more »

5/29/2012 - First family honors troops on Memorial Day

President Barack Obama honored America's fallen soldiers on Memorial Day Monday during a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. read more »

5/25/2012 - Homeless D.C. veterans fast-tracked for housing

After serving our country, some veterans come home with few options. Veteran homelessness continues to plague the nation, and the District of Columbia is stepping up to do something about it. read more »

5/25/2012 - Tim McGraw to give 25 military families new homes

Tim McGraw is one of the biggest country music acts in the world, and this summer he will be putting his star power to good use. read more »

5/24/2012 - Despite BRAC setbacks, DoD still confident

The Department of Defense (DoD) encountered a great deal of pushback from Congress when it proposed two new rounds of base realignment and closures (BRAC), but officials are not giving up. read more »

5/24/2012 - Joplin first responders honored one year after tornado

On Tuesday, the town of Joplin, Missouri, marked the one-year anniversary since the devastating May 22 tornado, and highlighted the heroic efforts of the town's first responders. read more »

5/23/2012 - Fleet Week comes to New York City

One of the most anticipated military events of the year kicked off on Wednesday when 2012 Fleet Week came to New York City. read more »

5/22/2012 - Vets voice displeasure with VA backlogs

There has been talk about revamping the way the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates and the reason why was on full display in San Francisco recently. read more »

5/22/2012 - Military families have free access to 1,600 museums this summer

Military families were recently given the opportunity to earn free entry to every National Park in the country, and now they'll be able to visit some of the country's best museums free of charge. read more »

5/22/2012 - Troops honored during Armed Forces Day this weekend

Communities across the country recognized Armed Forces Day this past weekend, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta marked the occasion as well by praising their service while discussing the troops' further role in Afghanistan. read more »

5/22/2012 - Work begins on innovative treatment facility for wounded soldiers

Returning home from deployment is difficult for all soldiers, but is especially hard for those who have been seriously injured. read more »

5/21/2012 - Congress affirms commitment to Afghanistan

Despite waning public support for the war in Afghanistan, the House of Representatives recently affirmed its commitment to seeing the conflict through until the planned 2014 withdrawal. read more »

5/21/2012 - Wounded soldier makes on-screen debut in 'Battleship'

This past weekend, moviegoers had the opportunity to see the likes of Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch playing servicemembers in the action-packed film "Battleship." read more »

5/18/2012 - NTIA seeks input for first responder radio network

Creating a radio network primarily for first responders has been a priority for years, and those tasked with its implementation say they are well on their way to completing it. read more »

5/18/2012 - New prescription drug plan could yield big savings

On Wednesday the Congressional Budget Office determined that a proposal by the House Armed Services Committee regarding older TRICARE beneficiaries may not have annual savings as large as originally thought. read more »

5/17/2012 - Navy's push for biofuels may encounter hurdles

The Navy has been one of the leading advocates for creating a greener Armed Forces, but a recent move by Republicans in Congress may make it more difficult to make eco-friendly changes. read more »

5/16/2012 - House votes to give National Guard promised benefits

Tens of thousands of National Guardsmen were promised increased benefits before they were deployed last year, and on Tuesday they came one step closer to getting them. read more »

5/16/2012 - Army continues to review recruiting, training of soldiers

The Army is looking for ways to reduce costs and create a more streamlined force over the next several years, and a new initiative puts the focus squarely on recruiting, training and developing individual soldiers. read more »

5/15/2012 - National Park Service offers servicemembers free annual passes

Saturday is Armed Forces Day, and in honor of the sacrifices they make, servicemembers and their families will have the opportunity to enter every national park in the country for free. read more »

5/15/2012 - Medical center for 9/11 first responders opens in Brooklyn

When the Zadroga Act was signed into law in January 2011, it provided hope to the thousands of first responders who became ill after spending time in the rubble of the World Trade Center after 9/11. read more »

5/14/2012 - Air Force husband first man to earn Military Spouse of the Year

Since Military Spouse magazine first started honoring the families of servicemembers with the Military Spouse of the Year award in 2008, every winner has been a woman - until now. read more »

5/14/2012 - Latest prosthetic technology aids wounded soldiers' recovery

The number of amputations among soldiers in Afghanistan rose sharply in 2010 and 2011, but despite the seemingly grim statistics, prosthetic technology has advanced so that many servicemembers return to the activities they enjoyed before their injury. read more »

5/14/2012 - North Carolina senator proposes changes to VA healthcare system

In an effort to streamline the Veterans Affairs (VA) Department's healthcare system, a North Carolina senator recently introduced legislation aimed at consolidating the vital service. read more »

5/11/2012 - Michelle Obama welcomes military moms, children to White House

In an event that blended Military Appreciation Month and Mother's Day, Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden welcomed military mothers and wives to the White House on Thursday. read more »

5/11/2012 - Economic issues top concerns among military families

Whether it be the struggle of raising a family alone or the stress of worrying about a loved one serving overseas, military families face a number of challenges. read more »

5/11/2012 - Committee votes against new rounds of base closures

In 2005, there was an extensive base realignment and closure (BRAC) that helped consolidate many of the military's installations across the country, but it looks like there won't be another round any time soon. read more »

5/10/2012 - Olympian leaves bobsled track for special operations

For years, John Napier has made bobsledding a huge part of his life. The 25-year-old competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics, where he was the number two driver for the U.S. team. read more »

5/10/2012 - Mobile app, Facebook initiative hope to ease servicemember transition

Many soldiers struggle to adjust to civilian life after returning from combat, but help may be closer than they thought. read more »

5/9/2012 - Massachusetts passes landmark veterans bill

Last week, the Massachusetts Senate passed groundbreaking legislation aimed at providing greater benefits to veterans, active duty soldiers and military families. read more »

5/9/2012 - Republican plan saves Pentagon budget, cuts social programs

Facing drastic budget cuts to the Pentagon, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted on Monday to make significant cuts to social programs in order to prevent the Defense Department from slashing costs. read more »

5/8/2012 - 9/11 first responders allowed to view masterminds' arraignment

Five men believed to be planners of the September 11 attacks were arraigned on Saturday, and thanks to a recent announcement from the Department of Defense (DoD), first responders were able to watch the proceedings. read more »

5/8/2012 - Military officials head to Ivy League classrooms to teach

Some students in diplomacy or military affairs classes are getting instruction from the people who know it best. read more »

5/7/2012 - Scammers target military families, veterans around Memorial Day

For most Americans, Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifice of the country's brave servicemen and women, but for some unscrupulous people, it's an opportunity to take advantage of veterans and their families. read more »

5/7/2012 - Unemployment drops among Iraq and Afghanistan vets

The various initiatives aimed at helping veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan appear to be paying dividends. read more »

5/4/2012 - Conventional, Special Operations forces to be more closely aligned under new training

With troops slated to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and the Army shrinking by 80,000 over the next five years, military officials say they plan on reshaping training going forward. read more »

5/3/2012 - Elite New Jersey first responder team undergoes important training

New Jersey's Metro Strike Team is one of the most well-trained groups of first responders in the country, and last week it embarked on one of the more comprehensive training drills it has. read more »

5/2/2012 - Obama speaks during surprise visit to Afghanistan

During a surprise visit to Afghanistan Tuesday night, President Barack Obama spoke to the American people and reaffirmed his commitment to finishing the job while staying on pace for a 2014 withdrawal. read more »

5/2/2012 - Army to begin assessment of new roles for female soldiers

As part of its growing effort to open up more jobs to women, the Army will begin an assessment this month of certain exceptions to the Direct Ground Combat Assignment Rule for female soldiers. read more »

5/1/2012 - Proposed bill aims to increase assistance to severely wounded troops

A bill introduced by California congressman Rep. Joe Baca hopes to lift a cap that he says limits the amount of care severely wounded soldiers receive. read more »