April 2013

New bill proposes annual mental health assessments for troops

4/30/2013 - Senator proposes career-long mental health assessments for troops

As the Armed Forces draws down operations in Afghanistan, the need to address mental health concerns comes more into focus. Suicide prevention and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are among the most pressing matters in the military community, and one senator from Indiana has proposed a new way to address the issue. read more »

Soldier becomes first amputee to complete Army air assault school

4/30/2013 - Soldier becomes first amputee to complete Army air assault school

It might seem like an amputation would derail any future military plans, but Sgt. 1st Class Greg Robinson, who recently became the first amputee to complete the grueling Army air assault school, proved that assumption wrong. read more »

Air shows canceled as sequestration kicks in

4/29/2013 - Cuts force cancelations of many air shows

For years, air shows have not only been a staple of the summer season, but have also been a great way to showcase the skills of the military's best pilots. read more »

More programs emerge to help soldiers land jobs

4/29/2013 - Michelle Obama lauds new partnership to help troops find jobs

Since she launched the Joining Forces initiative, first lady Michelle Obama has been one of the leading advocates for helping members of the military community find fulfilling employment opportunities. read more »

PTSD can be managed, but not cured

4/29/2013 - Panel: No cure for PTSD, but treatment options abound

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the biggest issues facing the military community, and a group of health experts recently shed some light on the best course of action to address the condition. read more »

Pay raises cause stir in military community

4/26/2013 - Lower pay raises do not sit well with military community

Of all the sequester-related spending cuts, few have been met with such fierce criticism as the decision to reduce the annual military pay raise to 1 percent - it's lowest in decades. read more »

Army planning new round of BRAC

4/26/2013 - Army seeks new round of BRAC for 2015

As sequestration begins to have an effect, the Department of Defense (DOD) is looking for any area where they can cut costs over the next several years.  read more »

Website helps troops separating from service find jobs

4/26/2013 - Website helps troops find work after separating from service

Transitioning from military service poses a number of challenges, not the least of which is finding a job. read more »

Virginia teacher helps bring military children together

4/25/2013 - Virginia teacher helps military children come together

Christy McAnally, a teacher Landstown Middle School in Virginia Beach, knows firsthand how challenging it is to be the child of someone in the military. Her father was a Marine pilot and as a result she spent much of her childhood on the move. read more »

Montana senator sponsors bill to help with PCS

4/24/2013 - Montana senator sponsors bill to help military spouses during PCS

One of the biggest challenges associated with being in a military family is having to frequently move, an issue which is especially prevalent as many servicemembers and their loved ones prepare for the arrival of permanent change of station (PCS) season. read more »

Blue Star Theaters expands operations

4/24/2013 - Blue Star Theaters expands its operation

Blue Star Families has long been offering its support to the military community in a variety of ways, and one of the most recent endeavors is a program known as Blue Star Theaters. read more »

Adaptive sports help wounded warriors overcome emotional scars

4/23/2013 - Adaptive sports at Walter Reed help heal emotional wounds

Wounded warriors can follow a number of different paths toward recovery, but adaptive sports are one of the most popular options. read more »

Purdue  highlights positive aspects of life for military children

4/23/2013 - Purdue's MFRI highlights positive aspects of life for military children

Military children face may challenges. Frequent moves coupled with spending time apart from their parents can certainly be difficult,. read more »

GI Bill transferring policy to see changes

4/22/2013 - Changes coming for transfer of GI Bill

Recent statistics revealed that more military family members are making use of post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, but starting later this year servicemembers will see some changes. read more »

Special forces may soon see female soldiers

4/19/2013 - SOCOM position may soon be open to women in the military

When the Pentagon ended its policy excluding female soldiers from direct combat positions earlier this year, it removed one of the final barriers for women in the military, and now top officials are getting to work on eliminating one of the final obstacles. read more »

Colleges prepare for influx of veteran students

4/18/2013 - Dr. Jill Biden visits George Washington University as it prepares to welcome veteran students

With upwards of 1 million soldiers separating from service in the coming years, the civilian community will likely have to adapt in a wide variety of ways. read more »

National Guardsmen among those helping out in the aftermath of Boston tragedy

4/18/2013 - Many with military ties help out after Boston Marathon tragedy

When First Sgt. Bernard Madore, 1st Lt. Steve Fiola and Staff Sgt. Mark Welch began walking the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon route on Monday carrying the rucksacks, they could have never envisioned their supplies would have been put to good use. read more »

Hagel puts and end to Distinguish Warfare Medal

4/17/2013 - Hagel nixes Distinguished Warfare Medal

Earlier this year the Pentagon created the Distinguished Warfare Medal to recognize the achievements of drone pilot and other soldiers who specialized in high-tech warfare. read more »

West Point grad headed to NFL

4/17/2013 - West Point grad headed to the NFL

Despite having a rich athletic history, it's not often that West Point grads make their way to the pros, but one former linebacker at Army is well on his way. read more »

Military families using post-9/11 GI Bill than ever before

4/16/2013 - More families using post-9/11 GI Bill benefits than ever

The post-9/11 GI Bill is one of the most popular benefits in the military community, and not only because it gives soldiers the chance to further their education. read more »

Bravery of Boston's first responders offer hope in times of tragedy

4/16/2013 - Amid Boston tragedy, bravery of first responders offers hope

Tragedy struck the Boston Marathon on Monday when a pair of bombs exploded along the race's final stretch, killing at least three people and injuring scores more. read more »

Pentagon officials recognize Military Children of the Year

4/15/2013 - Pentagon officials recognize Military Children of the Year

The Department of Defense recognizes April as the Month of the Military Child, and on Friday some of the Pentagon's top official honored many of the brightest young members of the military community. read more »

Congressman introduces new mental health legislation

4/12/2013 - Indiana lawmaker introduces two mental health bills

With suicide rates on the rise, improving soldiers' access to mental health care has been a serious issue in the military community over the last several years. While some positive steps have been taken, it's clear more needs to be done, and one Indiana lawmaker recently introduced a pair of bills to help address those concerns. read more »

Navy looking to add sailors

4/11/2013 - Navy looks to add sailors

At a time when much of the Armed Forces are looking to scale operations back, the Navy may be going the opposite route. read more »

Barack Obama unveils 2014 budget plans

4/10/2013 - Obama's defense budget met with mixed reaction

President Barack Obama released his proposed budget for 2014 on Wednesday, and while it included spending cuts to many government agencies, military families are likely most concerned about what it has in store for the Department of Defense (DOD). read more »

Military families take to Busch Stadium

4/10/2013 - Military families hit Busch Stadium in St. Louis

Baseball season is in full swing, and for one charity that means it's time to support military families. read more »

Chaplain given posthumous Medal of Honor

4/9/2013 - Chaplain who died during Korean War to be given Medal of Honor

A legendary chaplain who helped hundreds of troops get through life in a prisoner-of-war (POW) camp during the Korean War is set to receive the Medal of Honor 62 years after his death. read more »

Embattled VA secretary gets vote of confidence from White House

4/9/2013 - Despite criticism, White House stands behind VA secretary

Eric Shinseki, secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs has come under a great deal of scrutiny lately. Many veterans' advocates have called for his resignation as they become increasingly frustrated over the growing backlog for disability claims. read more »

Navy pays tribute to 9/11 victims, first responders with latest ship

4/8/2013 - USS Arlington commissioned as tribute to 9/11 victims

The victims and first responders of the September 11 terrorist attacks have been memorialized in a variety of ways over the last 12 years, and a unique tribute by the Navy recently became the latest. read more »

Artwork from military children heads on tour

4/8/2013 - Artwork of military children goes on tour for Month of the Military Child

There are approximately 1.8 million children who have a loved one in the Armed Forces, and they often face challenges other youngsters do not encounter. read more »

Unemployment among post-9/11 vets dips in March

4/5/2013 - Unemployment for post-9/11 vets drops in March

The March employment report came out on Friday, and while the economy added fewer jobs than expected, the news was much better for post-9/11 veterans. read more »

Hagel orders review of DOD

4/5/2013 - In speech, Hagel orders review of DOD

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel certainly has not been shy about disrupting the status quo since he took over from Leon Panetta in February. read more »

Army Corps of Engineers works to make branch more energy efficient

4/4/2013 - Engineers work to make Fort Hunter Liggett energy efficient

The Army has placed an increased emphasis on the importance of sustainability over the last several years, and California's Fort Hunter Liggett stands as a testament to that. read more »

Brain mapping initiative could hold breakthroughs for troops

4/3/2013 - New brain mapping initiative could have impact on military community

The Obama administration announced earlier this week it was launching a $100 million research initiative aimed at better understanding how the brain operates. read more »

Making a PCS with pets

4/2/2013 - How to make a permanent change of station with pets

A permanent change of station (PCS) presents military families with many unique challenges. Aside from the stress associated with moving and having to adapt to a new location, there is also the question of how they're going to get their belongings from point A to point B. read more »

Women to become first female members of artillery unit

4/1/2013 - Soldiers prepare to become first women in artillery unit

The Armed Forces has changed a lot in the last several years, and that includes recent strides for women in the service. Earlier this year, the military announced it would allow female soldiers to serve in combat roles - something which was previously prohibited - and at Fort Bragg one group of women in particular is taking things to a whole new level. read more »