April 2012

4/30/2012 - World War II vet still an active volunteer at 102

Bea Abrams Cohen may have left military service decades ago, but the 102-year-old World War II veteran has not stopped supporting her fellow servicemembers. read more »

4/30/2012 - Warrior Games kick off in Colorado

The United States Olympic team will not be heading to London for a few more months, but in Colorado Springs, Colorado, there will soon be plenty of international competition. read more »

4/27/2012 - Executive order aimed at helping veteran students

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provided some of the best education benefits for returning soldiers, but it also attracted the attention of unscrupulous colleges looking to take advantage of veterans. read more »

4/27/2012 - George W. Bush hosts second annual wounded warrior bike ride

Former President George W. Bush has largely been out of the public eye since leaving office in 2009, but on Thursday he emerged in support of America's servicemembers. read more »

4/27/2012 - Panel approves pay raise, says no to fee hike

Active duty soldiers and retirees recently got a bit of good news. read more »

4/26/2012 - Marine discharged for critical Facebook post

A Marine who made a critical Facebook post about President Barack Obama is going to be discharged. read more »

4/26/2012 - NASA-led project could aid first responders during earthquakes

Knowing what to expect before arriving on the scene is a big part of the job for first responders. Now, thanks to some help from NASA, they should be able to have a clearer view in the event of earthquakes. read more »

4/25/2012 - Redeployment of U.S. troops in Japan postponed

As the United States prepared to change its role in the South Pacific, there was a plan in place to move troops stationed in Japan to several other locations. read more »

4/25/2012 - Proposed law sees mixed reaction from vets groups

When Rep. Bill Owens introduced a bill that would automatically enroll war veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health system, he did so with the intention of reducing paperwork and easing the transition. read more »

4/25/2012 - Military spouse launches valuable charity

When Randi Cairns' husband Ian first went to Afghanistan, she lent a hand by shipping donations from local charities overseas, but her charitable efforts did not only help those abroad. read more »

4/24/2012 - White House says VA healthcare protected from budget cuts

For months, veterans have been worried whether the possible sweeping budget cuts would impact their healthcare, but the White House recently put many of those fears to rest. read more »

4/23/2012 - Army Surgeon General suggests overhaul of PTSD diagnosis

Amid concerns about how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is being diagnosed, the Army Surgeon General's Office recently issued guidelines that may help the process run more smoothly. read more »

4/23/2012 - Woman creates social network for military community

Facebook has helped connect hundreds of millions of people across the globe, but military families looking to find likeminded individuals may not have had resources specific to them. read more »

4/23/2012 - Wounded soldiers report gaps in treatment, DoD study finds

A report from the Department of Defense (DoD) uncovered some alarming trends when it comes to the treatment of wounded soldiers. read more »

4/20/2012 - VA to hire more staff to address mental health

Many people in the military community have called for an increased focus on the mental health of soldiers, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has apparently been listening. read more »

4/20/2012 - Operation Homefront, WSWF offer military wives scholarship opportunity

In an effort to provide more jobs for military wives, Operation Homefront and the Women's Self Worth Foundation recently announced a scholarship program. read more »

4/19/2012 - Marine Corps to open infantry training to women

The Marine Corps is getting ready to make a groundbreaking move for women in the military. read more »

4/19/2012 - Congress moves toward COLA for disability, survivor benefit

Although cost of living adjustments (COLAs) are automatic for Social Security and military retirement pay, such is not the case for disability and survivor benefits, and some beneficiaries were becoming concerned. read more »

4/19/2012 - Posthumous Medal of Honor to be given to Vietnam vet

More than 42 years after his death, a Vietnam veteran is set to be given the highest award the military can bestow. read more »

4/18/2012 - DoD plan would expand sabbatical program

A new proposal from the Department of Defense (DoD) would allow a greater number of servicemembers to take advantage of a useful sabbatical program. read more »

4/18/2012 - U.S, NATO discuss Afghanistan withdrawal plans

President Barack Obama is still confident American troops will leave Afghanistan by 2014, and officials from the U.S. and NATO met on Wednesday to shore up the plans for how they expect to do so. read more »

4/17/2012 - Military spouses survive decade of war

More than a decade of war has put a strain on military families, but studies have shown that marriages among serving men and women are surprisingly resilient. read more »

4/17/2012 - Tennessee bill aimed at assisting first responders

First responders have a lot to contend with when they arrive on the scene of an accident or another emergency, and sometimes being aware of the medical history of the victim is not the first thing on their minds. read more »

4/16/2012 - Veteran suicide issue not getting the attention it deserves, some say

Suicide among veterans is one of the most serious issues that very few people talk about, but there are some who hope to bring the issue to the public's attention. read more »

4/16/2012 - Military targets Arctic region as ice recedes

The Arctic circle may not seem like a hotbed of military activity, but that has changed as of late. read more »

4/13/2012 - Sergeant from 101st Airborne earns Distinguished Service Cross

An Army sergeant from the 101st Airborne Division was recently awarded the second-highest military honor, becoming the first soldier from the division to earn the distinction since Vietnam. read more »

4/13/2012 - Troops can't take advantage of Roth option until fall

The Roth option, a new provision of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), is set to launch in May, but soldiers may not be able to take advantage of the benefits until much later this year, Department of Defense (DoD) officials say. read more »

4/12/2012 - Pentagon to use financial incentives, new research lab to go green

There has been a large push for the Armed Forces to become more energy efficient, and on Wednesday the Pentagon announced specifics for its ambitious plan. read more »

4/12/2012 - Job market for young vets improving

A lot has been said about how difficult it is for young veterans to find employment opportunities, but things have been improving in the early part of 2012. read more »

4/12/2012 - After one year, Michelle Obama looks back at Joining Forces initiative

Michelle Obama launched her Joining Forces initiative around one year ago, and on Wednesday she began a four-state tour to view the strides she has made supporting military families. read more »

4/11/2012 - Pentagon launches robotics competition to aid first responders

Sometimes, even first responders have limits. Disasters at nuclear power plants or other hazardous areas may make it impossible for them to enter the scene, but a new program unveiled by the Pentagon is aimed at ending all that. read more »

4/11/2012 - Nurses to receive TBI training

Over the last decade, the importance of recognizing traumatic brain injuries (TBI) has become increasingly clear, and the White House recently unveiled a new effort to improve the treatment. read more »

4/10/2012 - Jacque Francona highlights event aimed at military families

Though most people might know Jacque Francona as the wife of World Series champion manager Terry Francona, she also has a more important role - that of a military mother. read more »

4/10/2012 - Missouri program helps veterans find jobs

Nationwide unemployment among veterans is a significant problem, but one state has had some success in lowering the figures. read more »

4/9/2012 - Changes to benefits irk older military retirees

Suggested changes to military benefits, including an enrollment fee for TRICARE, have made many people unhappy, but few are as concerned as older veterans. read more »

4/9/2012 - Homelessness among female vets becoming a growing problem

The number of female soldiers has risen over the last decade or so, causing a growing number of women to face issues that used to affect male veterans almost exclusively. read more »

4/6/2012 - Army Profession Campaign finds soldiers want tighter standards

After a year of surveys and focus groups, Army officials are ready to make policy changes to reflect the shifting expectations of soldiers. read more »

4/6/2012 - First responders crucial in Texas tornado recovery

A series of powerful tornadoes tore through metropolitan Texas earlier this week, and although the damage was extensive, it could have been much worse if not for the work of first responders. read more »

4/6/2012 - Missouri members of Congress come out against base closures

Base closures have been one of the most controversial proposals to cut costs in the Pentagon budget, and one group of lawmakers is coming out against the plan. read more »

4/5/2012 - Transition services now a requirement for soldiers leaving active duty

Making the move from active duty to civilian life is difficult for many soldiers, and the Army recently instituted a new policy to help make the process a little smoother. read more »

4/5/2012 - First lady announces military spouse jobs initiative

Michelle Obama has been committed to supporting military families, and the first lady recently took another step toward making life a bit easier for them. read more »

4/4/2012 - First American troops arrive in Australia

With American troops gone from Iraq and on their way out of Afghanistan, the Armed Forces have placed a new focus on the Asia-Pacific region. read more »

4/4/2012 - Marine faces discharge after criticizing Obama on Facebook

A Marine who penned a Facebook post criticizing President Barack Obama could be facing a stiff penalty. read more »

4/3/2012 - Utah convention hopes to ease reintegration for vets

Transitioning into civilian life can be difficult for many servicemembers, but Utah legislators hope their efforts can make it a little bit easier. read more »

4/3/2012 - Vietnam vets get long overdue recognition

Although they risked their lives for their country, many Vietnam veterans felt they did not get the welcome home they deserved 40 years ago. read more »

4/2/2012 - Smartphone app aims to help first responders

There have been several recent technological advancements meant to help first responders, and a South Dakota-based company believes it has the next one. read more »

4/2/2012 - Massachusetts school children show appreciation for soldiers

Although many people appreciate the work that servicemen and women do overseas, it can sometimes be hard to show it. read more »

4/2/2012 - Focus on Europe base closures first, Congress says

As part of the ongoing plan to cut costs, the Department of Defense (DoD) had suggested two new rounds of base realignment and closures (BRAC) over the next several years. read more »