March 2012

3/30/2012 - PTSD may even affect vets who don't have it

For veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be difficult to overcome - even if they don't have it. read more »

3/30/2012 - Rhode Island National Guardsman branded a hero

As more details emerge about the death of a Rhode Island National Guardsmen in Afghanistan last week, it's becoming clearer that he sacrificed himself to save the life of an Afghan girl. read more »

3/29/2012 - Army research could aid first responders

A weather sensor system being developed at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) could be used to protect civilians, first responders and servicemembers. read more »

3/29/2012 - Senator launches investigation into PTSD diagnosis, treatment

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has become an important issue to veteran advocates, and one of the Senate's leading voices on veteran health is launching an investigation into how hospitals deal with PTSD. read more »

3/29/2012 - Troop reduction should be done carefully, senators say

Among the most controversial portions of the proposed military budget cuts is a plan to reduce troop levels. read more »

3/28/2012 - IAVA supports new bill to help vets go to school

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides some of the greatest education benefits available to servicemembers, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), along with a trio of senators, recently unveiled legislation looking to improve it. read more »

3/27/2012 - 9/11 first responder advocates see victory in new report

Though it's been more than 10 years since the September 11 attacks, first responders who worked in the rubble for weeks afterward are still fighting for healthcare coverage. read more »

3/27/2012 - Modernization will be delayed, but not canceled, under budget cuts

In the debate over defense budget cuts, one of the biggest concerns is whether any modernization programs the military has will be canceled. read more »

3/26/2012 - Some military families struggle financially

There are many burdens associated with being part of a military family. Long deployments and having to relocate at a moment's notice place a significant strain on relationships, but it turns out the lifestyle may also take its toll on a family's finances as well. read more »

3/23/2012 - Many soldiers with PTSD return to combat

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most serious issues facing American soldiers, but recent statistics show that a PTSD diagnosis does not mean troops can't return to combat. read more »

3/23/2012 - Iowa woman launches organization to help military families

Molly Gray knows the challenges of being a military spouse better than most. read more »

3/22/2012 - Researchers still trying to determine soldiers' limits

As multiple deployments have become more common over the last decade of war, many scientists have tried to determine what effect it might have on their mental health. read more »

3/22/2012 - IAVA unveils new benefits calculator

Soldiers who have served over the last 10 years have a lot of benefits available to them, but they may not know exactly what they are. read more »

3/22/2012 - TBI patients use simulations to ready themselves for combat

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) among members of the Armed Forces have come to the forefront over the last several years, and soldiers recovering from such wounds often face a long road to recovery. read more »

3/21/2012 - Dodge creates Durango SUV for first responders

Days after Ford revealed a new car specifically for first responders, Dodge has done the same. read more »

3/21/2012 - DoD can cut spending by eliminating duplicate programs, senators say

The Department of Defense (DoD) has been tasked with making significant cuts to its budget, and some have been concerned about what that means for military benefits as well as force structure and weapons programs. read more »

3/20/2012 - Army gets new physical fitness test

The physical fitness test is an important part of Army training, and officials are ready to implement a few changes. read more »

3/20/2012 - Tornado recovery gets assistance from Medal of Honor recipient

Dakota Meyer was given the Medal of Honor in September for his heroism on the battlefield, but the fact that he's back stateside has not stopped him from helping others. read more »

3/19/2012 - First lady learns about struggles of military families

Michelle Obama has made helping military families one of her biggest priorities, and she recently traveled to Minnesota to get a firsthand look at what needs to be done. read more »

3/19/2012 - Soldier becomes first female division deputy commander

Brig. Gen. Laura Richardson is set to make history when she becomes the first woman to serve as a division deputy commander. read more »

3/16/2012 - First responder network faces uphill battle

Congress took steps toward creating a communications network solely for first responders earlier this year, but some experts say it could be quite some time until the dream is realized. read more »

3/16/2012 - Louisiana National Guard finds unique way to help environment

National Guardsmen are used to helping the country in a variety of different ways, but a group of servicemembers in Louisiana recently found a unique way to do so. read more »

3/15/2012 - FEMA, CNCS form partnership to help first responders

A new partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) hopes to assist first responders during a natural disaster. read more »

3/15/2012 - War-weary public favors faster withdrawal from Afghanistan

Amid growing tensions between U.S. soldiers and Afghan civilians, President Obama is feeling increased pressure to speed up the withdrawal from Afghanistan. read more »

3/14/2012 - High ranking House official takes issue with Pentagon budget plan

President Barack Obama's $649.1 billion defense budget plan for the 2013 fiscal year has not been without its critics, but one of the highest ranking congressmen on military issues recently raised some concerns. read more »

3/13/2012 - Law firm's decision irks some first responders

A law firm that took in hundreds of millions of dollars when it helped 9/11 first responders win a class action suit with New York City will not help them earn claims under the recently-passed Zadroga Act. read more »

3/13/2012 - Navy Secretary stands behind alternative energy plan

The Navy has made its desire to create an energy-efficient and eco-friendly fleet of ships clear, but the plan has not been without is detractors. read more »

3/12/2012 - Vets jobless rate falls in February

The Obama administration has been doing a lot to help lower the unemployment rate among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, and their efforts appear to be having a positive effect. read more »

3/12/2012 - Amid budget cuts, troop morale improving

As the Armed Forces look toward withdrawal from Afghanistan, a new survey finds the attitudes of troops are improving. read more »

3/12/2012 - VA testing new benefits application process

Reserve and National Guard troops returning from combat will find an easier way to apply for health benefits when they come home. read more »

3/9/2012 - Operation Homefront names Military Children of the Year

Life can be difficult for the children of servicemembers, especially if their parent is deployed overseas. read more »

3/9/2012 - Pair of veteran employment bills being considered by Congress

Congress has taken several steps forward in improving the job market for veterans, and two more bills are up for consideration before the House Veterans' Affairs Committee's economic opportunity panel. read more »

3/8/2012 - DoD highlights benefits of base closures

Potential base closures have been at the center of the talks surrounding budget cuts in the U.S. military, and on Wednesday some of the Defense Department's (DoD) top officials traveled to Capitol Hill to argue their case for why the move is a good idea. read more »

3/8/2012 - Study: Sharp rise in Army suicides since Iraq invasion

Soldiers returning from combat often face injuries that do more than limit them physically. read more »

3/7/2012 - President Obama holds firm on Afghanistan withdrawal

Echoing the sentiment expressed last week by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, President Barack Obama told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday that the timetable has not changed on withdrawal from Afghanistan. read more »

3/7/2012 - Military homeowners could receive big pay day

Thousands of soldiers and their families may be in line to receive substantial payouts under a new agreement that would compensate them for being wrongly foreclosed upon. read more »

3/5/2012 - Pentagon officials warn of larger troop cuts without TRICARE fee hike

One of the most controversial budget cuts Pentagon officials have suggested involves raising TRICARE fees for retirees. read more »

3/5/2012 - Speakers warn military spouses of cuts in benefits

As the defense budget shrinks, many people are aware of the effect it will have on soldiers, but fewer may recognize the hardships that cuts will place on military families. read more »

3/5/2012 - National Guard plays key role in tornado relief

Tornadoes tore through the Midwest and parts of the South on Friday, killing at least 39 people and destroying countless homes. read more »

3/5/2012 - Army recognizes Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and the Army is pitching in to shed light on the serious issue. read more »

3/2/2012 - Afghan attacks will not disrupt strategy, Panetta says

Although six American troops have been killed by their Afghan colleagues over the last several weeks, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says that the strategy in the country going forward will not change. read more »

3/1/2012 - Joining Forces teams up with ASTA to create jobs

Michelle Obama has been committed to supporting the country's military families, and she recently announced her latest initiative to create jobs for veterans. read more »

3/1/2012 - Re-enlistment becomes harder as troop levels wane

The Army is looking to cut its numbers over the next several years, and as a result new guidelines have made it a little more difficult for non-commissioned officers (NCO) to re-enlist. read more »

3/1/2012 - Iraq vets honored at White House dinner

For the first time since they returned from Iraq, America's troops were officially honored by President Barack Obama at a White House dinner Wednesday. read more »