February 2017

Louisiana community colleges and technical schools will streamline the admissions process for active duty soldiers.

2/24/2017 - Louisiana makes it easier for active duty service members to transfer to college

With programs like the one in Louisiana offering assistance and a more seamless transition from the barracks to the campus, servicemen and women have greater opportunities for life after discharge. read more »

For President's Day, we take a look at the 26 Commanders in Chief who were veterans.

2/17/2017 - Which US presidents have been veterans?

With more than half of the presidents having served our country in the armed forces, it's important to remember the sacrifices they made as well as the ones made everyday by our brave servicemen and woman this President's Day. read more »

First responders and their surviving family are now eligible for property tax exemptions in Florida and Virginia.

2/17/2017 - Voters in 2 states approve property tax exemptions for first responders

In a show of dedication to their efforts, two states have recently passed amendments that reduce the tax burden for first responders and their families. read more »