December 2012

12/31/2012 - Service academies come up short in bowl games

The college bowl season kicked off in earnest last week, and on Saturday both Navy and Air Force were in action. read more »

12/31/2012 - As 2013 approaches, military assesses role in Afghanistan

As the military looks forward to 2013, there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding issues likes funding and benefits, but one of the biggest issues in front of the Armed Forces is the continued involvement in Afghanistan. read more »

12/31/2012 - First female soldier to lose limb in Iraq serves as inspiration to other troops

Melissa Stockwell was the first female soldier in Iraq to lose a limb when she was injured by a roadside bomb more than eight years ago. read more »

12/30/2012 - Vets to see increase in Post-911 GI Bill benefits

The Post-911 GI Bill has helped many servicemembers and their families earn a college degree, and in 2013 veterans will see an increase to this helpful benefit. read more »

12/28/2012 - Soldier makes dream come true for young cancer patient

Many children who dream of enlisting in the military eventually get the chance to do so, but 10-year-old Khalil Quarles likely will not. read more »

12/28/2012 - Veterans face challenges entering 2013

The talks surrounding the fiscal cliff have attracted a lot of attention in the military community, and with good reason. But as the calendar moves into 2013, there are many other issues facing servicemembers and veterans. read more »

12/27/2012 - Connecticut first responders give Newtown police time off for Christmas

The entire nation was devastated by the December 14 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that left 20 school children and six teachers dead, and police and first responders involved were certainly deeply affected. read more »

12/27/2012 - Number of troops deployed for the holidays at five-year low

As families across the country celebrated Christmas earlier this week, many of them were without a member who was serving overseas in the military. read more »

12/26/2012 - Army touts energy-efficient programs

Over the last year, the Army has made a concerted effort to be more energy efficient, and officials say they have a lot to show for it. read more »

12/26/2012 - Veteran benefits bills stall in Congress amid fiscal cliff debate

Earlier this year it looked like a pair of bills aimed at helping veterans get the most of their benefits would move quickly through Congress before being signed into law, but now that may not be the case. read more »

12/24/2012 - Amputee encourages others to get moving

Army veteran Melissa Stockwell was the first female soldier to lose a limb while serving in Iraq, and now the 32-year-old has become an inspiration and a source of encouragement for other injured veterans returning home, according to The Chicago Tribune. read more »

12/21/2012 - Marine father vows to keep Nashville school safe

n the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, there has been a renewed focus on school security read more »

12/21/2012 - George W. Bush puts truck up for auction to support troops

Former president George W. Bush has been one of the most vocal advocates for the military since he left office, and he recently launched another initiative aimed at supporting their families. read more »

12/20/2012 - Defense spending bill could help troops

The 2013 defense bill is one step closer to being signed by President Barack Obama, and if it becomes law it will offer some good news to troops at a time when the Pentagon budget has been at the front of the fiscal cliff talks. read more »

12/19/2012 - Mixed martial arts help some soldiers transition to civilian life

It's not uncommon for soldiers to struggle with transitioning from military service to civilian life. read more »

12/19/2012 -

Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye, one of the longest-serving senators in United States history, passed away on Monday at the age of 88. read more »

12/18/2012 - San Diego Padres give back to military community

Even though baseball is currently in its off-season, that doesn't mean that players are no longer active in the community. read more »

12/18/2012 - Basic Allowance for Housing to see slight increase for 2013

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a vital benefit for many troops who live off military bases, and in the coming year they will see a slight increase in the amount of assistance. read more »

12/18/2012 - Fiscal cliff could impact vital military services

The military has been at the center of the fiscal cliff talks, and while President Barack Obama has said that payment and housing benefits for troops will not be impacted, that has not eased the concerns of some soldiers. read more »

12/17/2012 - Former Senator Chuck Hagel rumored to be next Secretary of Defense

President Barack Obama's second term will likely see him make some changes to his Cabinet, and that includes a change in the Secretary of Defense. read more »

12/17/2012 - Experts say nationwide first responders network still several years away

Creating a nationwide communications network for first responders has long been a priority, but even though lawmakers have made progress, such a tool could still be years away. read more »

12/14/2012 - Drop in Afghan insider attacks spurs swell in confidence

Insider attacks, those perpetrated by Afghan soldiers being trained by U.S. troops, have been one of the biggest obstacles in the way of a smooth transition of U.S. troops out of the war-torn country over the next two years. read more »

12/13/2012 - Rapper T.I. to launch campaign aimed at ending veteran homelessness

Ending homelessness among veterans has been a priority of the federal government, and now one of the world's most popular musicians is doing his part. read more »

12/12/2012 - Former Marine awarded Silver Star

The Silver Star is the third highest honor a member of the military can earn, behind the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross, and a former Marine recently became the latest recipient of the impressive decoration. read more »

12/12/2012 - Newly-planned center aims to educate Americans about fallen troops

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the most recognizable structures in Washington, D.C., and an initiative may bring a new feature to the famous monument. read more »

12/11/2012 - Despite spending cuts, funding for special operations forces may increase

As the Pentagon looks for areas to cut costs, one aspect of the Armed Forces will see growth in the coming years. read more »

12/11/2012 - Hiring Our Heroes initiative continues successful streak

Since it first launched in 2011, the Hiring Our Heroes campaign, which is operated by the Chamber of Commerce and Capital One, has worked tirelessly to help veterans and their spouses find jobs. read more »

12/10/2012 - Navy captures Commander-in-Chief's Trophy after late rally

With the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy on the line, Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds took over Saturday's game. The standout freshman led the Midshipmen on a late touchdown drive to edge out Army 17-13. read more »

12/10/2012 - More thorough physical exam post-separation could help troops later on

When soldiers separate from service, part of the process includes a physical examination, and now Department of Defense (DOD) officials are looking to make the process a bit more thorough. read more »

12/10/2012 - National unemployment down, but rate for vets ticks upward

The national unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent in November - its lowest figure in four years - but the news was not quite as good for the country's veterans. read more »

12/7/2012 - Military recognizes first female qualified submarine officers

A trio of servicemembers made history earlier this week when they were honored as the first women to become fully qualified submarine officers. read more »

12/7/2012 - Trees for Troops brightens the holidays for military families

The holiday season is a challenge for military families for a number of reasons. Being separated from loved ones is always difficult, and for some families, financial struggles make it hard to have the Christmas celebration they're dreaming of. read more »

12/6/2012 - Four New York firefighters deploy to Afghanistan together

A group of airmen who recently deployed to Afghanistan are certainly used to heading into danger. read more »

12/6/2012 - Senate passes defense spending bill for 2013

With the debate surrounding the fiscal cliff earning much of the attention from the military community, some people may have overlooked the fact that the Senate recently unanimously passed a sprawling $631 billion defense spending bill for 2013. read more »

12/5/2012 - VA trademarks 'GI Bill' to prevent deceptive marketing

The GI Bill is one of the most useful benefits available to veterans, but there have been an increasing number of cases of misuse and misrepresentation by universities and colleges looking to attract servicemembers. read more »

12/4/2012 - As fiscal cliff debate continues, military families' concern over budget cuts grows

As the country moves closer toward the fiscal cliff - the name given to automatic spending cuts and tax increases triggered should Congress not reach a deficit deal - there has been a sharp focus on what it could mean for the Armed Forces. read more »

12/4/2012 - CBO suggests limiting military pay to lower defense budget

The debate surrounding the fiscal cliff - the automatic spending cuts and tax increases expected at the beginning of the year if Congress doesn't reach a deficit reduction plan - has placed a lot of attention on the military budget. read more »

12/3/2012 - Cadets to run Army-Navy game ball from West Point to Philadelphia

The college football season is almost over, but one of the biggest games has yet to be played. read more »