November 2012

11/30/2012 - Cowboys game to honor first responders

When everyone tunes into Sunday Night Football to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend, they'll not only be treated to good game, but also will witness a poignant tribute. read more »

11/29/2012 - Senate approves Pentagon's investment in alternative fuels

Although there is a cloud of cuts looming over the Department of Defense (DoD) due to the possibility of sequestration from the fiscal cliff, the Pentagon received some good budgeting news recently. read more »

11/28/2012 - Report suggests McCaul will head the House Committee on Homeland Security

With New York Representative Peter King's term as the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security set to expire, many were wondering who would take over the role. read more »

11/28/2012 - Game of risk is not welcomed in veteran finances

Servicemembers face many risky situations overseas, but it seems as though risk is something they fear when they head back home. read more »

11/27/2012 - Study discovers insight into Gulf War illness

Researchers have been puzzled by Gulf War illness, which is characterized by a number of symptoms that affect many Gulf War veterans. read more »

11/27/2012 - Veteran education program celebrates milestone

Some servicemembers choose to enter the Armed Forces right after high school, which could cause them to miss out on certain education opportunities. read more »

11/27/2012 - The Red Cross kicks off holiday campaign for troops

With Thanksgiving officially over, many people are gearing up for the holidays. read more »

11/26/2012 - San Francisco helps veterans find homes

Sometimes when veterans return home, they may not have a house to come back to. read more »

11/26/2012 - Trio of ships told to standby off coast of Israel

As the growing conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to dominate headlines, the U.S. Navy recently ordered three warships to stand on alert off the Israeli coast as a precaution. read more »

11/25/2012 - New York City applauds first responders after Hurricane Sandy

Three weeks after Hurricane Sandy battered New York and New Jersey, a new study reveals many of those hardest hit by the storm approve of the job the first responders did in helping with rescue and cleanup. read more »

11/22/2012 - Vets may be unaware of their benefits

Veterans have access to many benefits after separating from service, but a recent analysis found that many are unaware of exactly what they're entitled to. read more »

11/21/2012 - Biden family welcomes wounded troops for early Thanksgiving

Along with first lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden has made honoring America's troops a priority, and on Monday she and husband Joe Biden welcomed some of the country's bravest soldiers to show their gratitude. read more »

11/21/2012 - Vets may not be getting necessary meds in timely fashion

Medication for pain management and psychiatric care is essential for many troops transitioning out of service, but a new report from the Government Accountability Office found these individuals might not be getting the coverage they need quickly enough. read more »

11/20/2012 - Obama, Congress make progress toward deficit reduction deal

Congress and President Barack Obama are running out of time to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff," which would result in $500 billion in spending cuts to the military over the next 10 years. read more »

11/20/2012 - New training classes aimed soldiers' nutrition, sleep cycles

Physical fitness plays a crucial role in the abilities of members of the Armed Forces, but new training guidelines are aimed at more than just how fast a soldier can run. read more »

11/19/2012 - Nonpartisan group emphasizes importance of avoiding ground wars

With all the attention surrounding the anticipated cuts to the Pentagon budget, there has been concern about whether the Armed Forces will still be able to function as well as they are now without the same amount of funding. read more »

11/16/2012 - Senator highlights $68 billion in potential Pentagon cuts

The Pentagon is not immune to spending cuts, and many lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are looking for ways to reduce the budget of the Department of Defense while not hurting military capabilities. read more »

11/16/2012 - Marines lend hand to Queens firefighters

In the two weeks since Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast, people from all walks of life have been helping each other out, and that includes the military and first responders. read more »

11/15/2012 - COLA finally gets approval from Senate

It may have come later than usual, but the Senate recently approved a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for millions of veterans and survivors. read more »

11/15/2012 - Duo launches military-specific social network

Social and professional networks have become a vital tool for the public to build their professional sphere, and two vets recently launched a website designed primarily to help servicemembers do the same. read more »

11/14/2012 - Asking the right questions can help doctors treat vets

The stress of war and military life can lead to a variety of harmful medical conditions that sometimes go undiagnosed. read more »

11/13/2012 - Veterans often well-suited to running own business

Finding a job is a chief concern among many of the 1 million veterans expected to separate from military service in the next three years, and many of them are taking matters into their own hands. read more »

11/13/2012 - Changes to commercial driver's license regulations could help vets

One of the biggest obstacles in the way of helping veterans find jobs once they enter civilian life is that many in-demand jobs require licenses. read more »

11/12/2012 - Pink Floyd frontman plays benefit with wounded troops

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters paid tribute to wounded warriors recently by enlisting their help for a benefit concert. read more »

11/9/2012 - Goodwill calls for increased focus on veterans' issues

With Veterans Day quickly approaching, the nation's focus is squarely on the more than 22 million men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. read more »

11/9/2012 - Military families should plan ahead to manage finances

There are many emotional challenges that come along with being part of a military family, but some of the greatest obstacles are financial in nature. read more »

11/9/2012 - Big name restaurants offer vets free meals this weekend

This weekend marks the observance of Veterans Day, and some cities across the country are honoring America's servicemembers in a variety of ways. read more »

11/8/2012 - What does President Obama's re-election mean for the troops?

After victories in nearly all crucial battleground states, President Barack Obama won a second term on Tuesday night. His re-election has far-reaching implications for much of the United States, and that is especially true for the Armed Forces. read more »

11/8/2012 - Social media tips for veteran job seekers

Social media has become a useful tool for many job seekers, and that is true for veterans looking for employment opportunities as well. read more »

11/7/2012 - Army begins modernization of Humvees

Humvees have been a staple of the Army for decades, but officials recently began their latest program to modernize the fleet. read more »

11/6/2012 - Afghanistan soldier a success story a year after he was declared dead

A soldier who was declared clinically dead after an improvised explosive device (IED) cost him both his legs in Afghanistan is getting ready to celebrate the one year anniversary of his survival. read more »

11/5/2012 - USS Enterprise retires from service after 50 years

One of the most famous aircraft carriers in Navy history officially retired on Sunday after more than 50 years of service. read more »

11/5/2012 - Veteran unemployment drops to 6.3 percent

The jobs report for October came out on Friday, and while the nationwide rate increased by 0.1 percent, the numbers for veterans were bit more favorable. read more »

11/5/2012 - Obama declares November Military Family Month

Those who have loved ones in the Armed Forces face many challenges on a day to day basis, and in an effort to honor their sacrifice, President Barack Obama recently declared November Military Family Month. read more »

11/2/2012 - Thousands of National Guardsmen mobilized after Hurricane

As the Atlantic coast continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy, the National Guard is playing an increasingly large role in the cleanup process. read more »

11/1/2012 - Think tank's plan calls for broad spending cuts

With hundreds of billions of dollars in defense budget cuts expected over the next 10 years, officials have been looking for places to slash expenses. read more »

11/1/2012 - CFPB report highlights impact student loan debt has on soldiers

Many members of the military make a point to go to college after separating from service, but a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) suggests that a growing number of soldiers are struggling with student loan debt. read more »