November 2011

11/30/2011 - Maryland woman helps military families reconnect

For parents who have to spend time away from their children due to a deployment, rebuilding that relationship once they return home can be difficult. read more »

11/30/2011 - Senate, House pass measure giving National Guard seat on JCS

Both the Senate and House of Representatives passed measures that would bring the National Guard one step closer to having a seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). read more »

11/30/2011 - Legislation hopes to make airport security easier for military

As airport security measures becomes stricter, getting through the checkpoints can take longer and longer, but a new bill hopes to end that for servicemembers and their families. read more »

11/29/2011 - U.S., coalition announce 40,000 troops will leave Afghanistan by end of 2012

President Obama has vowed that all American troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2014 and a recent announcement made by the U.S. and more than 12 other nations indicates that the plan is on pace. read more »

11/29/2011 - University of South Carolina moving forward with program to aid military families

Although they have to contend with vastly different challenges, both servicemembers and their families have to shoulder the burden of deployment. read more »

11/28/2011 - Mobile app developed to help military families

Although there are many resources available to military families, all too often they are unsure where to find them. read more »

11/28/2011 - Green energy jobs may lower unemployment among vets

Alternative energy has been highlighted as a way to reduce American reliance on foreign oil, but as it turns out it may actually help lower the unemployment rate among veterans as well. read more »

11/28/2011 - Horse riding helps wounded vets

Wounded veterans may want to seek out alternative treatments to help them recover from injuries, and one woman offers a program that uniquely addresses their needs. read more »

11/25/2011 - New text hopes to improve soldier transition

The warrior care and transition program is a vital part of moving from the battlefield back to civilian life and the release of a new textbook hopes to provide instructors with some better guidance. read more »

11/24/2011 - Soldier fights back against predatory lender

Many people have been victimized by unscrupulous lending practices, but servicemembers can be particularly at risk given their unique situation. read more »

11/23/2011 - Social media changing how military families interact during deployment

Though it might be widely thought of as a way to stay connected with old friends, Facebook has proven to be a useful tool for soldiers who need to keep in contact with their families. read more »

11/22/2011 - Study finds 9/11 first responders may suffer from cardiovascular issues

First responders on September 11 have suffered from a number of health issues as a result of their heroics and a recent study added another one to the list. read more »

11/22/2011 - Charity builds specially-designed homes for wounded vets

An improvised explosive device left Cpl. Jeffery Williams paralyzed from the waist down and although it has presented him with a long list of challenges, one organization recently helped alleviate some of the obstacles. read more »

11/22/2011 - Fort Meade reveals new smartphone app

From checking the weather to listening to music, there's a smartphone app for nearly everything, and Fort Meade is getting in on the action. read more »

11/21/2011 - Supercommittee's failure to reach deal by Wednesday could have impact on military

The 12-person supercommittee formed out of the budget debate this summer has until November 23 to make sweeping $1.2 trillion cuts before an across-the-board spending reduction is enacted. read more »

11/21/2011 - Mila Kunis attends Marine Corps Ball

Fulfilling a promise she made months ago, Mila Kunis attended the Marine Corps Ball on Friday night, and despite her status managed to keep a low profile. read more »

11/18/2011 - Engineers create useful innovation for checkpoints

A group of Army engineers were recently recognized for their innovations that have drastically changed how soldiers operate on the battlefield. read more »

11/18/2011 - Military Family Month takes center stage at Joint Base Andrews

November was designated as Military Family Month by President Barack Obama back in October, and Joint Base Andrews is doing its part to honor the proclamation. read more »

11/17/2011 - Organization offers snow removal for military families

Clearing the mountains of snow that accumulate during the winter can be a struggle for anybody, but for military families who have a litany of other stresses to contend with it can be even more troublesome. read more »

11/17/2011 - Marine Corps will not replace M4

The Army has expressed interest in replacing the long-used M4 carbine, and even if it does the Marines will not do the same. read more »

11/17/2011 - Veterans jobs bill passes Congress, on its way to President Obama

A $1.7 billion veterans employment bill passed its final hurdle in Congress on Wednesday and is on its way to becoming law. read more »

11/16/2011 - Soldier re-enlists despite prosthetic leg

Although he was seriously wounded in Iraq more than five years ago, Staff Sgt. Brian Beem did not let his injuries stop him from continuing to serve his country. read more »

11/16/2011 - U.S. to expand military presence in Australia

President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that up to 2,500 Marines could be stationed in Australia over the next several years. read more »

11/16/2011 - Soldier uses special skills to keep base running smoothly

Army Spc. Luis Torres has many skills that make him a valuable soldier, but it is his proficiency with keeping his fellow servicemembers connected that have made him invaluable. read more »

11/15/2011 - Military families face tough housing market due to reassignments

The housing bust has hit many members of the public hard, but military families have been especially affected, and provisions put in place to help them out have evaporated, The Wall Street Journal reports. read more »

11/15/2011 - Corpsmen use lozenge to treat pain in battlefield wounded

At first glance, a new method for numbing the pain of severely wounded soldiers in Afghanistan may seem more at home on a playground than a battlefield. read more »

11/15/2011 - Dogs help reduce IED risk for soldiers

Specially-trained dogs have been used to assist everyone from police officers to wounded veterans, but a new group of canines that recently finished its first tour of duty served a different purpose. read more »

11/11/2011 - Inaugural Carrier Classic set to mark Veterans Day

There are a number of events planned across the country in celebration of Veterans Day today, but this year has a very unique celebration. read more »

11/11/2011 - Navy to test destroyer with alternative fuel

The Armed Forces have been actively pursuing alternative fuel for many of their aircrafts and vehicles, and now the Navy is breaking new ground by testing out an experimental ship that runs on a combination of algal oil and diesel fuel. read more »

11/11/2011 - Vietnam vet awarded Silver Star for saving fellow soldier

More than 43 years after he earned it, an Ohio Vietnam veteran was awarded the Silver Star earlier this week. read more »

11/10/2011 - Troops for Trees brightens the holidays for military families

For most families, the holidays are a time when everyone gets to be together, but for those with loved ones serving overseas, it may serve as a harsh reminder that they are separated from those who matter most. read more »

11/10/2011 - Transportation initiative to make travel easier for military families

With the goal of providing easier transportation for veterans, government officials have launched the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative. read more »

11/10/2011 - Obama, Panetta honor troops before Veterans day

Two days before the recognition of Veterans Day, President Barack Obama joined Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to pay tribute to America's troops, both past and present. read more »

11/9/2011 - Healthcare professionals offered training by DoD

Military veterans and their families often require unique medical care. In an effort to provide health and primary care professionals with the tools they need, the Department of Defense (DoD) recently unveiled a new program. read more »

11/9/2011 - Modified sports helping vets recover

Many injured veterans use physical training as a way to recover from their injuries, but for some that have suffered severe wounds, going for a run or doing push-ups and sit-ups in not an option. read more »

11/8/2011 - Senate moves forward with veterans jobs bill

Less than a week before Veterans Day, members of Congress were able to put aside their politics to move forward on a piece of legislation that will help veterans. read more »

11/8/2011 - Know which military charities to contribute to

Many people are interested in giving support to active duty soldiers and veterans, but sometimes they may not know the best way to go about doing so. read more »

11/8/2011 - Soldiers test new lightweight machine gun

After more than six years of development, an innovative lightweight machine gun was finally tested recently by about 20 soldiers. read more »

11/7/2011 - Organization helps veterans find volunteer opportunities

For many veterans, returning home after serving overseas can be a shock. read more »

11/7/2011 - Military families often face financial struggles

There is certainly no lack of issues facing military families while a loved one is deployed overseas, but often the most significant problems are financial in nature. read more »

11/4/2011 - Military families being hurt by CFPB delay, White House says

Although the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been established for months, the confirmation of Richard Cordray as its head has taken longer than expected. read more »

11/4/2011 - Japanese-American World War II vets get Bronze Star

Decades after the war ended, dozens of Japanese-American veterans from World War II were awarded Bronze Stars on Wednesday in a ceremony honoring their service. read more »

11/4/2011 - Report urges DoD to adopt different suicide prevention policies

Suicides in the military are a very pervasive, though not often talked about, problem and a recent report highlights the fact that the Department of Defense (DoD) may not be doing enough to prevent them. read more »

11/3/2011 - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to host veterans fundraiser

Veterans Day is fast approaching and one of TV's most popular reality shows is gearing up to support the nation's soldiers. read more »

11/3/2011 - Latest Apache helicopter lets pilots control drones

The Army's Apache helicopters have been one of the Armed Forces' most famous aircrafts, and the latest version is especially impressive. read more »

11/3/2011 - Troops to shift from Iraq to Kuwait

President Barack Obama recently announced that nearly all American forces will be out of Iraq by the end of the year, but a new proposal may leave as many as 4,000 troops in neighboring Kuwait. read more »

11/2/2011 - President Obama names decommissioned Fort Monroe a national monument

Though it was closed due to the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) recommendations, Fort Monroe will live on. read more »

11/2/2011 - Obama designates November as National Military Family Month

In an effort to highlight the service and strength of the family members of America's soldiers, President Barack Obama declared November to be National Military Family Month on Tuesday, Military Times reports. read more »

11/2/2011 - Benefits keep military divorce rate low, study suggests

Despite having to contend with the stresses of war, a new report shows that divorce rates among military couples are not any higher than the rates of the general population. read more »

11/1/2011 - Arizona center helping save veteran's marriage

The stresses of battle can affect everything from a soldier's physical well-being to his or her mental health, and it can also put significant strain on marriages. read more »

11/1/2011 - Afghan army on pace to take over security by 2014, officials say

When President Barack Obama announced his plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, he said he hoped to turn control of the country's security over to the Afghan people by 2014. read more »

11/1/2011 - National Guard mobilized after October snowstorm

After a freak October storm dumped almost two feet of snow on some parts of New England, National Guard units throughout the region were called into action. read more »