October 2012

10/31/2012 - Military service dogs get national monument

Military service dogs have played a vital role in the Armed Forces for decades, but for many years their sacrifice had gone unrecognized. read more »

10/31/2012 - Plans move forward for TBI centers

Despite being prevalent in many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can often go unnoticed. read more »

10/30/2012 - Operation Homefront launches Holiday Meals for Military Program

Military families face a number of challenges, but those obstacles can be especially difficult during the holiday season. read more »

10/30/2012 - New York Governor applauds first responders in Sandy's wake

A day after Hurricane Sandy thrashed New York City and the New Jersey coastline, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praised local first responders for their work in helping save lives. read more »

10/30/2012 - Virtual reality training helps prepare troops for battlefield

Safely training soldiers to handle real-world combat scenarios can be difficult. read more »

10/29/2012 - Technology allows wounded vets to work from home

A number of programs have helped veterans land jobs after separating from service, but for injured soldiers who cannot leave their home, such advancements were of little assistance. read more »

10/29/2012 - National Guard readies as Hurricane Sandy hits

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the Northeast, the National Guard of states up and down the coast began to leap into action. read more »

10/29/2012 - Panetta calls on Congress to avoid deep cuts

n a recent briefing at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta revealed his top four priorities for Congress in the coming months. read more »

10/29/2012 - Contractors concerned about impact of fiscal cliff

The fiscal cliff, the name assigned to a number of potentially damaging financial ramifications should Congress not reach a budget deal, has many members of the military concerned. read more »

10/26/2012 - Delayed VA paychecks hurt veteran students

Some soldiers who head to college after leaving the Armed Forces help defray the costs by working part-time at the Veterans Administration (VA). read more »

10/25/2012 - Revised transition assistance programs soon to be mandatory

Separating from military services is not always easy, but it is especially difficult when troops have to worry about finding a job upon entering civilian life. read more »

10/24/2012 - New app helps visitors navigate Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place of more than 400,000 people, and navigating the expansive grounds can be difficult for the loved ones of the troops buried there. read more »

10/24/2012 - Military officials concerned about possible cuts to Army family programs

Cuts to the defense budget have some soldiers concerned about the capabilities of the Armed Forces, but officials say the Army is likely going to have to make slashes to programs aimed at helping out families and veterans. read more »

10/23/2012 - Couple begins hike from Maine to Florida to help veterans

Veterans sometimes face significant financial hurdles when they leave the service, and a couple in Florida is going to extreme lengths to raise awareness of the challenges. read more »

10/23/2012 - Virginia woman working on home to help wounded warriors

Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be difficult, and that is especially true for wounded soldiers. Now, a Virginia woman who has a history of helping those who need it most is turning her attention toward veterans. read more »

10/22/2012 - New York Guardsmen reaches out to Afghan educators

Sgt. Andrew Brechko has years of teaching experience under his belt, so when the New York National Guardsmen headed to Afghanistan, it was easy to transition into his new role. read more »

10/19/2012 - Military voting an issue as DOJ files lawsuit

Several years ago, Congress passed a bill designed to ensure that servicemembers stationed overseas had their votes counted, but government officials have seen a number of states fail to comply with the guidelines outlined in the law. read more »

10/19/2012 - Survey reveals optimism of troops entering civilian life

Earlier this week, General Electric, Alcoa, Boeing and Lockheed Martin announced an initiative to help returning veterans find jobs, and a recent survey found that the servicemembers are certainly on board. read more »

10/18/2012 - Army offers early retirement to some troops

The Army is looking to reduce its size by about 80,000 troops over the next five years, and a new initiative could offer soldiers a path to early retirement. read more »

10/17/2012 - Manufacturers announce veterans training program

Lowering the unemployment rate for veterans has been a priority for Congress and first lady Michelle Obama's Joining Forces initiative, and now some of the country's leading manufacturing companies are getting in on the action. read more »

10/17/2012 - Alex Trebek, Jeopardy crew visit troops stationed in Europe

Jeopardy may be America's favorite quiz show, but it recently took a trip overseas. read more »

10/16/2012 - Navy works on converting sea water into jet fuel

The Navy has placed an emphasis on finding alternative fuel sources, and its latest effort is focused on one of the most plentiful resources on earth - sea water. read more »

10/16/2012 - DoD emphasizes importance of financial planning for military families

Financial worries can cause a great deal of stress for soldiers and their families, and that is especially true when they are deployed overseas. read more »

10/15/2012 - U.S. troops head to Jordan to monitor Syria situation

The ongoing conflict in Syria has attracted attention from the global community, and as tension rises between Syria and neighboring Turkey, the United States has sent troops to Jordan in the case war escalates. read more »

10/15/2012 - New website makes it easier for servicemembers to obtain ID cards

Identification cards are an important aspect of military life, and a new online destination makes it easier for families to apply for the useful items. read more »

10/12/2012 - Governor Rick Perry announces job fair for veterans

Servicemembers who are returning from overseas, upon retirement or completion of a tour, are sometimes faced with little to no job prospects back at home. read more »

10/11/2012 - Debate over service dogs and PTSD grows

There has been a growing amount of evidence suggesting service dogs can play a vital role in the recovery of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but there are a number of obstacles in the way of getting these helpful animals to the servicemembers who need them most. read more »

10/11/2012 - Senate candidate proposes gas tax to fund veterans health

A Senate candidate from Washington has done something that few politicians do in the middle of a heated campaign - suggest a tax hike. read more »

10/10/2012 - Marine getting ready for 200-mile solo run

Servicemembers are some of the most athletic and in-shape people in the United States, and one Marine is getting ready to show just how true that is. read more »

10/10/2012 - Video of military family reunion goes viral

The South Carolina-Georgia football game this past weekend was one of the most anticipated of the season, but the SEC match-up has gained attention for reasons other than the play on the field. read more »

10/9/2012 - Troops using GI Bill should start college search early

One of the most significant benefits available to the servicemembers is the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which helps troops head to college after separating from service. read more »

10/9/2012 - Could omega-3 help lower veteran suicide risk?

Suicide is one of the greatest concerns among veteran health advocates, and scientists recently announced an ambitious new study to see if nutrition could play a role. read more »

10/8/2012 - Beginning of October marked changes to TRICARE Prime

October 1 marked an unwelcome change in military benefits for some retirees. read more »

10/8/2012 - Movie based on Osama bin Laden raid headed to TV

The raid that killed Osama bin Laden was one of the American military's proudest moments of the last two years, and a new film dramatizing the events leading up to and including the mission is headed to TVs across the country. read more »

10/5/2012 - Unemployment for post-9/11 vets drops again

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed some encouraging statistics on Friday, reporting that the nationwide unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent in September. read more »

10/5/2012 - Latest Joining Forces program aimed at helping educators, military children

The children of members of the military have a much different experience than other youngsters, and that is especially true when it comes to schooling. read more »

10/4/2012 - American Legion report touts care at VA medical centers

The American Legion recently conducted a survey of 25 Veterans Affairs medical centers, and though the organization found the level of care to be impressive, there was certainly room for improvement. read more »

10/4/2012 - First female soldiers make way through infantry training

Women have broken down many barriers in the military in recent years, but they are still not allowed to serve in the infantry and similar combat-arms specialties. read more »

10/3/2012 - Sesame Street debuts app aimed at helping military families

Smartphone apps have made life easier for many people, and that includes military families. The latest program comes from somewhat of an unlikely source. read more »

10/3/2012 - Dempsey highlights importance of discussing veteran issues

Thousands of servicemembers are expected to separate from service in the coming months and years as the United States leaves Afghanistan. read more »

10/2/2012 - Troops need more financial guidance, experts say

Military families face a host of challenges, and sometimes they encounter substantial financial hurdles. read more »

10/2/2012 - DoD: MRAPs saved thousands of lives

The Department of Defense made a significant investment in Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan, and recent figures suggest the move paid off. read more »

10/1/2012 - Many recent vets turn to political office after leaving service

Separating from the military can sometimes pose a challenge to soldiers who have spent much of their adult lives serving their country, but a growing number of them are finding a different way to serve civilians. read more »