October 2011

10/31/2011 - Ribbon cutting opens Fort Belvoir Community Hospital

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital officially opened its doors on Monday, marking the end of one of the most extensive medical Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) projects. read more »

10/31/2011 - Study: Violence more likely in children of deployed soldiers

New research suggests that servicemembers and their partners should pay extra attention to their kids as they are twice as likely to carry a weapon, join a gang or get in fights than civilian children, The Associated Press reports. read more »

10/28/2011 - Georgia's Columbus State University named a Military Friendly School

Columbus State University (CSU) has been one of the best schools for servicemembers over the last several years, and it will continue this tradition for 2012. read more »

10/28/2011 - Republicans, Democrats oppose defense spending cuts

It's not often that members of both political parties can agree on something, but Republicans and Democrats alike have come forward to oppose any cuts in military spending. read more »

10/28/2011 - Retired servicemember releases short film on PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious problem that can often go overlooked, but a retired infantryman is hoping his efforts will help bring the issue to the forefront. read more »

10/27/2011 - Mississippi's First Lady honored by first responders

In an effort to pay tribute to one of the most central figures in disaster cleanup response over the years, the Responder Academy Mississippi named Marsha Barbour as the First Lady of first responders. read more »

10/27/2011 - National Youth Transitions Center helps vets find jobs, education programs

Georgetown University, often voted as one of the top schools in the country, offers a program to veterans that makes tuition affordable, but until recently retired soldiers may not have been aware of it. read more »

10/27/2011 - World War II soldiers laid to rest

More than 67 years after their B-24J Liberator aircraft crashed in Germany, 10 members of an Army Air Force crew were finally laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday. read more »

10/26/2011 - Cheerios teams up with USO to support military families

Cheerios and the USO have teamed up to help make life a little easier on military families. read more »

10/26/2011 - Reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose heads to Hawaii to visit troops

The NBA may be mired in the midst of a lockout, but that doesn't mean that some of the league's biggest stars have been idle. read more »

10/26/2011 - Monument at Arlington dedicated to Jewish Chaplains

A memorial dedicated to the 14 Jewish Chaplains who have died in military service was unveiled at the Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday, paying a long-overdue homage to their sacrifice. read more »

10/25/2011 - Defense Department budget may be kept at 2011 levels

A proposal to freeze the Defense Department budget at 2011 levels has been endorsed by the White House. read more »

10/24/2011 - Obama says all troops home from Iraq by year's end

After nearly nine years of fighting, American troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year. read more »

10/24/2011 - How to deal with an uncertainty as a military spouse

It's no secret that military spouses have to contend with different challenges unfamiliar to the general population. read more »

10/21/2011 - Marine Corps changes policy on rolled sleeves, KIA bracelets

After years of being able to do what they wish with their sleeves, soldiers will no longer have that luxury. read more »

10/21/2011 - FBI considers creating secure alternate internet

With the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks, FBI officials have called for the development of a safe and secure alternate internet. read more »

10/20/2011 - McAlester Army Ammunition Plant earns eco-friendly certification

The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAPP) recently earned recognition for its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, bringing to a close years of hard work for the cause. read more »

10/20/2011 - Michelle Obama, Jill Biden honor troops before World Series

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden paid tribute to America's military before the first game of the World Series on Wednesday night after spending the day at a nearby VA Medical Center, The Associated Press reports. read more »

10/20/2011 - Boston firefighter reunited with boy he caught from burning building

On Wednesday a first responder in Boston and the boy he saved from a fire earlier in the week met for the first time since the blaze. read more »

10/19/2011 - VFW comes out against military benefits cuts

As the special deficit-cutting panel looks to slash $1.2 trillion from the federal budget, one of the leading military groups is encouraging its members to persuade them to leave the Armed Forces' benefits alone. read more »

10/19/2011 - Companies commit to hiring 25,000 vets over next two years

A group of more than 60 private sector companies have pledged to hire 25,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2013. read more »

10/18/2011 - Navy family provides unique aid to Japan

Lydia DeLeon-Rush fondly remembers the town of Yamada, Japan, from when she and her husband, Navy Capt. Peter Rush, served at two Air Force bases nearby. read more »

10/18/2011 - Policy on bracelets frustrates troops

Some troops are upset about a crackdown on bracelets that many soldiers wear to honor their fallen friends. read more »

10/17/2011 - U.S. committed to leaving Iraq by year's end, report says

Over the last several months military officials have been mulling over a proposal to leave as many as 5,000 troops in Iraq past the December 31 deadline for withdrawal, but it looks like that may not happen. read more »

10/17/2011 - Military spouses face challenges as single parents

Living at home while a spouse is serving abroad is certainly a challenge, but the situation is even more difficult if there are children involved. read more »

10/14/2011 - Joining Forces initiative gets support of three big stars

First Lady Michelle Obama has added some big names to her mission to help support military families. read more »

10/14/2011 - Barack Obama to be on hand for inaugural Carrier Classic

The college basketball season kicks off in unique fashion on November 11 when Michigan State takes on North Carolina aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, and the commander-in-chief will be there to take it all in. read more »

10/13/2011 - Hundreds of vets flock to California fair ground for North Bay Stand Down

The Dixon May Fair grounds played host to the 10th annual North Bay Stand Down recently, offering veterans a number of valuable services for free. read more »

10/13/2011 - More service dogs may be allowed at VA facilities

The House Veterans Affairs Committee is mulling the possibility of authorizing more service dogs at VA facilities. read more »

10/12/2011 - Canada native a leader in supporting military families

Charlene Jones knows first hand the challenges that family members of deployed soldiers face, so it's no surprise she is helping them cope. read more »

10/12/2011 - Study to focus on the impact of loss in military families

Researchers are planning an extensive study to see how the loss of a soldier affects family members. read more »

10/12/2011 - National Guardsman takes home NCO of the Year at competition

After a grueling week, two men came out on top at the Department of the Army Best Warrior Competition. read more »

10/11/2011 - George W. Bush honors troops at golf tournament

Former President George W. Bush recently honored injured veterans with a golf tournament, concert and dinner in his native Texas. read more »

10/11/2011 - John McHugh stresses commitment to Army family programs

Although the Defense Department is mulling over big budget cuts, officials say that Army family programs will not be among them. read more »

10/10/2011 - Preparing for deployment

Heading overseas can be a daunting task for soldiers, not just because of the potential dangers they face but also due to the stress of leaving their families behind. read more »

10/7/2011 - Soldiers to get raise despite delay in Congress

Although Congress is still delaying working on the defense budget, it will not compromise soldiers' expected pay raise. read more »

10/7/2011 - Post 9/11 GI Bill now covers vocational schools

The Post 9/11 GI Bill has been one of the most beneficial pieces of legislation for servicemembers in decades, and a recent change may make it more helpful when it comes to landing a job. read more »

10/6/2011 - United Through Reading lets soldiers stay connected with families

Thanks to the organization United Through Reading, soldiers serving overseas can still read with their children - even if they are thousands of miles away. read more »

10/6/2011 - Poll shows Iraq, Afghanistan vets have trouble returning to civilian life

A recent survey of returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan shows that a growing number are having trouble adjusting to civilian life. read more »

10/6/2011 - Smartphone app allows deployed soldiers to watch Army presentations

Soldiers who are serving overseas can now get a front row seat to upcoming presentations at the Washington Convention Center thanks to an innovative new smartphone app. read more »

10/5/2011 - Pentagon paves way for same-sex marriage on military bases

The military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy officially ended last month, and the Pentagon recently cleared the way for military chaplains to officiate the marriages of gay soldiers, The Wall Street Journal reports. read more »

10/5/2011 - Pair of veterans jobs bills floating around Congress

While there may be bipartisan support for a proposed veterans employment bill, the chances of the legislation being passed before Veterans Day are looking worse and worse. read more »

10/5/2011 - Iraqi, U.S. leadership clash over immunity

Officials in Iraq have made it clear that they need American training forces in the country past the December 31 deadline for withdrawal, but whether or not they will actually remain is up in the air. read more »

10/4/2011 - Patrick Leahy, Lindsey Graham hope to give National Guard more say

Senators Patrick Leahy and Lindsey Graham have come together to raise support for a bill that would give the National Guard more authority and help separate the division between the state Guard and the Pentagon, according to The Associated Press. read more »

10/4/2011 - Army developing throwable robots to help IED detection

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other small dangers have posed serious threats to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Pentagon is moving forward with plans for a new way to detect them. read more »

10/3/2011 - Military spouse resources while serving abroad

It's hard for anyone else to understand what military spouses go through while their significant other is deployed overseas. In addition to being concerned for their safety, being separated for months at a time can certainly put a strain on even the strongest relationships. read more »

10/3/2011 - September 11 Victim Compensation Fund taking applications

First responders, area residents and other people near Ground Zero on September 11 can now apply for the newly re-opened $2.8 billion September 11 Victim Compensation Fund. read more »

10/3/2011 - Adm. Mike Mullen out, Gen. Martin Dempsey in as chairman of the JCS

Navy Adm. Mike Mullen went out in style as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ending his four-year run in the position by overseeing the killing of a top al-Qaeda operative before handing over the reigns to Army Gen. Martin Dempsey. read more »