January 2012

1/31/2012 - Think tank launches military benefits survey

With the need to slash billions of dollars from their budget over the next decade, Defense Department officials may turn to reducing military benefits. read more »

1/31/2012 - Budget cuts may eliminate A-10

One of the military's most beloved aircrafts may be going the way of the dinosaurs. read more »

1/30/2012 - First large-scale welcome home parade goes off in St. Louis

Despite returning home in December, soldiers who served in Iraq had yet to receive a significant ceremony honoring their service. read more »

1/30/2012 - Doctors address issue of cartilage loss

A condition most commonly associated with older adults is springing up in young soldiers, and doctors are struggling to find out the reason why. read more »

1/27/2012 - Servicemembers can expect smaller pay increases starting in 2015

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta released specifics of the military budget on Thursday, foreshadowing the coming changes as the military looks to slash $450 billion over the next decade. read more »

1/27/2012 - Governors hope for greater state involvement in first responder bill

In an effort to broaden the capabilities of first responders, a number of governors wrote to members of Congress recently, petitioning lawmakers to set aside some of the U.S. radio spectrum for emergency workers. read more »

1/27/2012 - DoD plans commission to look at changes to military retirement

With changes to military retirement benefits likely, both the Department of Defense (DoD) and Congress agree that an independent commission is necessary to investigate what reforms need to be made. read more »

1/26/2012 - IED attacks reach record level in 2011

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have been one of the most pervasive dangers to soldiers in Afghanistan throughout the duration of the war, and 2011 was officially the worst year on record. read more »

1/26/2012 - Panetta expected to request new rounds of BRAC

The Pentagon has to cut about $487 billion from its budget over the next 10 years, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta suggests doing so through a new round of base closures. read more »

1/26/2012 - Daring Navy SEAL operation quiets critics of slimmed down military

When an elite Navy SEAL team rescued two hostages from Somali pirates early Wednesday morning, they did more than just free two captives. read more »

1/25/2012 - Military turns focus toward fuel efficiency

With U.S. troops officially out of Iraq and soldiers withdrawing from Afghanistan, many officials are looking to see what lessons can be learned from the two conflicts. read more »

1/25/2012 - President Obama touches on military issues during SOTU

In advance of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night, one of the nation's leading veteran groups was hopeful that he would touch on the important issues facing servicemembers. read more »

1/25/2012 - U.S. raid frees two hostages from Somali pirates

A late-night raid in Somalia conducted by U.S. Special Forces saved the lives of two hostages, and left nine kidnappers dead. read more »

1/24/2012 - VA offers free credit monitoring after gaffe

After more than 2,200 veterans had their personal information mistakenly posted on the website Ancestry.com, the Department of Veterans Affairs is stepping up to help. read more »

1/24/2012 - China likely responsible for latest cyber attack, experts say

A recently-discovered virus being used to hack into government networks is believed to have originated from China, experts say. read more »

1/24/2012 - U.S. committed to keeping fleet of 11 aircraft carriers

Amid talks of budget cuts and reducing the size of the military, there had been some speculation as to whether the United States would maintain its current fleet of aircraft carriers. read more »

1/23/2012 - Military families find big name advocate in Deanie Dempsey

Deanie Dempsey is well-qualified to assist military families. Aside from being the wife of Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, her three children have all served in the military. read more »

1/23/2012 - U.S. to start withdrawal from Europe by October

Earlier this month military officials announced they will withdraw as many as 10,000 troops from Europe, and though no details have been confirmed, the drawdown could start as early as October. read more »

1/20/2012 - New device aims to slash preventable battlefield deaths

Wounds to the arms and legs are often one of the leading causes of preventable death among soldiers. read more »

1/20/2012 - Navy considers offering early retirement as well

Though they may not have made it through the Enlisted Retention Board (ERB), some sailors may have the opportunity for early retirement. read more »

1/20/2012 - House Armed Services chairman hopes to stop budget cuts

The Department of Defense (DoD) could be forced to cut $1.2 trillion dollars of its budget starting in 2013, but if one congressman has his way, it will be exempt from the across-the-board spending cuts. read more »

1/19/2012 - Marines tackle emotional stress of war with new policy

Along with the physical injuries caused by war, emotional scars can often take their toll on soldiers. read more »

1/19/2012 - Veteran softball team overcomes tall odds

A group of injured veterans are inspiring others not only through their service to the country, but also what they can do on the softball field. read more »

1/19/2012 - Congressman urges VA to act on veterans employment bill

Congress passed a landmark veterans employment bill late last year, but if it is not implemented quickly one congressman feels it may lose its potential effectiveness. read more »

1/18/2012 - Jill Biden pens children's book in support of military

Second lady Jill Biden has long been an ardent supporter of the troops, and now she is taking to the page to make sure others do the same. read more »

1/18/2012 - Hawaii congressman serving in Afghanistan

It's not uncommon for people to leave the Armed Forces to serve the community by holding public office, but one congressman did things a little bit differently. read more »

1/18/2012 - CT senator's bill will speed up adoption of military working dogs

Military service dogs have long been classified as equipment, which can make the adoption process harder and places obstacles in the way of their transportation home after retirement. read more »

1/17/2012 - Texas woman helps struggling veterans, families

A Texas woman who knows all too well the challenges faced by veterans and their families has found a way to give back. read more »

1/17/2012 - Diplomatic Lt. Gen. crucial to future of the Armed Forces

With plans for a slimmed down military in the works, the role of one man in particular has become especially important. Lt. Gen. Vincent Brooks was recently put in charge of the 3rd Army and ground forces in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. read more »

1/17/2012 - Training becomes more important as troop levels decrease

As the United States continues to reduce its presence in the Middle East, military officials are looking ahead to what lies next for the Armed Forces. read more »

1/16/2012 - PTSD in soldiers may be renamed

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most pervasive issues facing returning troops, but all too often soldiers do not seek out the treatment they need. read more »

1/16/2012 - Military retains combat-ready presence in Kuwait

The military has been officially out of Iraq for nearly a month, but its presence in the region is still very strong. read more »

1/16/2012 - Early retirement may cost servicemembers thousands in benefits

As the Armed Forces looks for ways to reduce troop levels, one option is for servicemembers to accept a 15-year retirement incentive. read more »

1/13/2012 - KFC arranges military family's reunion

Given the company's recent actions, it is obvious why KFC's mascot is a colonel. read more »

1/13/2012 - Dempsey stands behind military cuts

In the wake of new plans for a slimmed down military, some servicemembers have been concerned about the future of the Armed Forces. read more »

1/12/2012 - Army aims to keep only the best soldiers as troop reductions loom

The Army has been tasked with reducing its size as the Armed Forces looks to cut costs over the next several years. read more »

1/12/2012 - PTSD may manifest itself in trouble behind the wheel

Wounded veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan face lots of challenges, but even those who do not outwardly show any signs of injury have obstacles to overcome. read more »

1/11/2012 - Medic of the Year awarded to Army Ranger

Army combat medics face one of the world's toughest jobs. Not only do they put themselves in harm's way, but they have to be calm enough to treat wounds on the battlefield. read more »

1/11/2012 - Military families contend with "underwater" mortgages

The economy may be slowly improving, but many military families are still facing hardships. In particular, a large number of them have to contend with "underwater" mortgages, or when they owe more than their home is worth. read more »

1/11/2012 - Iraq vet highlights struggles of Native American soldiers

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicide are issues for many veterans returning home from combat, but the threat is especially prevalent in Native American troops, and some feel the condition can go overlooked. read more »

1/10/2012 - Soldier's on-stage endorsement highlights rules ahead of election

The 2012 election is still months away, but soldiers are getting a refresher on the ways in which they can participate. read more »

1/10/2012 - Coast Guard, National Guard called in to help Alaska towns

Although the winter has been relatively mild for a number of locations, a pair of towns in Alaska have not received such respite from the elements. read more »

1/10/2012 - Eye injuries prompt changes in policy

The prevalence of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq and Afghanistan prompted many advancements in how troops are protected, including in one area that had previously gone overlooked - the eyes. read more »

1/9/2012 - Veteran unemployment rate jumps significantly

The national jobless rate recently hit a nearly three-year low of 8.5 percent, and although the economy is improving, the climate is not reflected in veterans' circles. read more »

1/9/2012 - Troops in Afghanistan get new weapon

Soldiers in Afghanistan recently received a new weapon that should give them a significant leg up on the battlefield. read more »

1/9/2012 - Military dog advocates seek new classification for animals

They may play a vital part in military operations overseas, but some say that service dogs do not get the treatment they deserve once their role is over. read more »

1/6/2012 - Obama officially announces plans for slimmed down military

With troops out of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan nearing an end, the Armed Forces is facing an uncertain future. read more »

1/6/2012 - Michelle Obama films guest spot on iCarly to support military families

Guest stars are not unusual for television shows but the most recent visitor to the Nickelodeon series iCarly was someone a bit different. read more »

1/5/2012 - President Obama to sign off on Panetta's budget plan

As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta readies to announce his plans for a reduced military, President Barack Obama is gearing up to add his own personal touch to the budget cuts. read more »

1/5/2012 - Military families sense disconnect from public

While there may be a general sense of gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by military families, a growing number of those who have lost loved ones overseas feel a growing disconnect between themselves and the public. read more »

1/4/2012 - Leon Panetta to unveil military budget cuts this week

There have been rumors swirling about what cuts will be made to the Pentagon budget to trim around $450 billion over the next decade, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is soon going to release his plans. read more »

1/3/2012 - Air Force divorce rate highest in the military

The divorce rate among military personnel is higher than the general population, but the level in the Air Force is highest of all. read more »

1/3/2012 - Miami Dolphins help local Navy veteran

The NFL regular season might be over and the Miami Dolphins may have stopped doing work on the field, but that does not mean they are resting. read more »

1/3/2012 - Military deaths in Afghanistan drop 18 percent

The number of U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan took a sharp dive in 2011, marking a succesful year as the Armed Forces continue their planned withdrawal. read more »